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March 8, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Iraq: U.S. pilots report fire from Iraqis is heating up
    ABOARD THE USS 'KITTY HAWK' -- U.S. pilots enforcing the no-flight zone over southern Iraq have been fired on from the ground in the past few days, returning pilots said Friday.

    Where council members stand
    Here's a look at the different views held by the 15 Security Council members regarding potential military action in Iraq:

    Iraq to Security Council: Stand up to 'law of jungle'
    The country prepares for war as a member of the Iraqi Parliament says the U.N. report should avert an invasion.

    Report solves little as U.S. seeks ultimatum
    U.N. weapons inspectors' update on Iraq does not deter the United States as it seeks support for war.

    Divided Senate debates need for war now
    WASHINGTON -- Senate Republicans rallied behind President Bush and his policy on Iraq on Friday, saying they fully supported his intent to forcibly disarm Saddam Hussein with or without new U.N. backing should the Iraqi leader not do so on his own.

    Dispatch from the 101st: Over the desert, through the sand
    It was near midnight Thursday and the road was drowning under an ocean of sand. The bus was following its U.S. Army Humvee escort, whose taillights became barely visible from 10 yards away. That's when the Kuwaiti driver hit the brakes and slapped his hands together, as if to wash them of something distasteful.

    Cadets: Assaults destroyed dreams
    The Air Force Academy admits there have been dozens of rape allegations during the past decade.

    Palestinians kill Israeli couple
    Israeli forces reoccupy part of the Gaza Strip and kill three members of Islamic Jihad who fired on a convoy of settlers.

    World in brief: N. Korea may fire 2nd missile
    WASHINGTON -- North Korea might be preparing to test its second missile in just two weeks, Pentagon officials said Friday, citing a warning by the nation's leadership for ships to stay out of one area of the Sea of Japan between today and Tuesday.

    Races agree on diversity, differ on method, poll finds
    WASHINGTON -- Four in five Americans say it's important for colleges to have racially diverse student bodies, but only half think affirmative action still is needed to help blacks, Hispanics and other minorities, an Associated Press poll found.

    Analysts predict $1.82-trillion budget deficit
    WASHINGTON -- President Bush's budget would produce unyielding deficits through the next decade totaling $1.82-trillion, Congress' top budget analyst said Friday in a report that could help lawmakers trying to shrink Bush's plan for fresh tax cuts.

    Obituaries of note
    DR. BERNARD J. BRIDGES, 74, the personal physician of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders, died Monday in Atlanta from complications of diabetes. For more than four decades, he attended to the families of King, the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy and the Rev. Joseph E. Lowery. He was a member of the King Center board of directors and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

    Panel rejects registration for toy recalls
    BETHESDA, Md. -- Federal regulators turned down a request Friday to require that children's products come with registration cards intended to help companies alert users when a product is found to be dangerous.

    Court cancels ADA case hearing
    WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court canceled arguments Friday in a case that jeopardized disabled Americans' rights to sue states over accommodations like inadequate public transportation.

    FDA proposes dietary supplement standards
    WASHINGTON -- Millions of users of St. John's wort, calcium and other dietary supplements may soon know for sure they're getting what they pay for: The government proposed the first manufacturing standards for the $19-billion supplement industry Friday in an attempt to cut fraud and contamination.

    Nation in brief: 5 hopefuls will take public financing
    WASHINGTON -- Five Democratic presidential hopefuls, including aggressive and early fundraiser Sen. John Edwards, have committed to taking taxpayer dollars to help finance their campaigns.

    Group urges release of detainees
    GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba -- Human Rights Watch has urged the United States to release any Taliban soldiers and other prisoners who have no significant connections to the al-Qaida terror network, the group said Friday.

    Spanish tourney hosts best in chess
    LINARES, Spain -- On one side, the kid, dressed in black but baby-faced and fidgety. On the other, his opponent: the icy, scowling chess eminence Garry Kasparov.

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