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March 9, 2003
[an error occurred while processing this directive] Iraq: 24 War Questions
1) Does President Bush need permission from Congress before attacking Iraq?

Iraq: Kuwait, a nation on war's edge
KUWAIT CITY -- The 2.2-million residents of Kuwait City are feeling jittery these days, and who could blame them?

Iraq: Iraq asks U.N. to end sanctions after report
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Emboldened by the latest weapons inspectors' report, Iraq on Saturday called on the United Nations to remove crippling sanctions and ban weapons of mass destruction in the entire Middle East -- and eventually in the United States.

Dispatch from the 101st: Desert life's better this time around
CAMP UDAIRI, Kuwait -- Bring plenty to read. The sand storms may kill your watch, so bring an extra. It does rain in the desert. And never, ever play with the wildlife.

Musicals remain dark as Broadway strike continues
NEW YORK -- What caused much of Broadway to go dark as contract negotiations between theater producers and striking musicians collapsed, silencing virtually every musical?

Study: Older outpatients suffer preventable side effects
CHICAGO -- Largely because of doctors' errors, older nonhospitalized Americans suffer about a half-million preventable drug side effects each year, ranging from nausea to life-threatening kidney failure, a study suggests.

Nation in brief: Teacher fired for morbid valentine
PHOENIX -- A theology teacher at a Roman Catholic high school lost his job after giving a student a valentine that read "I hate you, I wish you would die."

Canada report: Minister rejects idea of security perimeter
Canada is rejecting calls for a North American security perimeter while moving ahead with harmonized security at ports.

Obituaries of note
G. STUART KEITH, 71, a champion bird-watcher who was a founder of the American Birding Association and who at one time had a good claim to having seen more birds than anyone else alive, died Feb. 13 while on a bird-watching expedition to the Micronesian island of Chuuk, sometimes called Truk, in the Pacific Ocean. He lived in Redding, Calif. The cause was a heart attack, said his wife, Sallyann, who was with him on the trip. In the 1970s, he was the first person to report seeing 4,000 species, and the Guinness Book of World Records then credited him with having spotted more different kinds of birds than anyone else in the world. At the time of his death, Keith was credited with having seen more than 6,500 bird species, or about two-thirds of the roughly 9,000 species that, according the American Museum of Natural History, exist today.

A palace feud rocks Dutch royalty
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- It sounds like something out of a medieval melodrama: The queen stands at the top of the palace staircase, glowering at the upstart princess below. The younger woman glares up at her aunt and sovereign with unconcealed loathing, snarls a veiled threat of revenge and storms out.

Iraq: Dissidents: U.S. troops use Saudi Arabia bases
DOHA, Qatar -- Saudi Arabia has allowed U.S. troops to use several of its air bases and offered logistical support for U.S. ground forces in a war against Saddam Hussein, a Saudi dissident group said Saturday.

Iraq: Chants ring out for troops, peace and war
Hundreds of people rallied Saturday in cities around the nation in support of, and against, a war with Iraq. But leaders of at least one group, demonstrating in biker boots and chaps, insisted they weren't taking sides.

Iraq: U.S. air sorties over Iraq hit record 1,000 in a day
WASHINGTON -- The commander of U.S. air forces in the Persian Gulf said Saturday that several months of intensified U.S. airstrikes had hit all known fixed air defenses in southern Iraq. But he added that mobile antiaircraft guns and missiles remained a threat to U.S. pilots.

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