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March 12, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Shuttle Disaster: Shuttle panel looks at freak wind
    HOUSTON -- The Columbia accident investigation board raised the possibility Tuesday that an unusually strong wind shear a minute into the flight weakened the shuttle's left side. The board also suggested the age of the spacecraft may have contributed to the catastrophe.

    Iraq: An all-out a-salt: Fries liberated from French
    WASHINGTON -- The cafeterias of the House of Representatives will now be serving fries with a side order of patriotism.

    Iraq: U.S. backs off deadline
    Still lacking support, the Monday ultimatum appears to be off the table. But how long of an extension will be acceptable?

    Dispatch from the 101st: Masks can't conceal concern
    Bullets are always a worry in war, but soldiers must prepare to be hit by the chemical weapons that are why they are there in the first place.

    World in brief: Putin expands role of Russian security agency
    MOSCOW -- President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday expanded the turf of the country's domestic security agency, giving it responsibilities in government communications and border control that were once handled by the Soviet KGB.

    Pelvic exams without consent less frequent
    PHILADELPHIA -- Some of the nation's leading medical schools have abandoned a little-known, decades-old practice of letting students perform pelvic exams on women without their consent while they are under anesthesia.

    Washington in brief: Senate rejects changes to abortion bill
    WASHINGTON -- The Republican-controlled Senate rejected a proposal Tuesday to make contraceptives more widely available through private health insurance and expand government health care for low income pregnant women.

    Iraq: Turkish leader in no rush to grant U.S. military access
    WASHINGTON -- In a setback to the Pentagon's war plans for Iraq, the American military does not yet have approval to use Turkish air bases or airspace for an attack on Iraq, and may not until later this month, Turkey's ambassador to the United States said on Tuesday.

    Fighting terror: Court says law does not protect detainees
    WASHINGTON -- A federal appeals panel gave the Bush administration a significant legal victory Tuesday, ruling unanimously that prisoners from the Afghan war held in Guantanamo Bay may not challenge their detentions in federal court because the United States has no legal jurisdiction over the naval base in Cuba.

    Dispatch from the 101st: There's plenty to learn as war approaches
    CAMP UDAIRI, Kuwait -- Preparing for war isn't all target practice, obstacle courses and standing in long lines. The 19,000 soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division who deployed to the Middle East in the past two weeks also got some classroom schooling about the cultural situations they may face.

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