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Campaign 2002: The Times Recommends
 Perspective: March 9, 2003
March 9, 2003
The unknown candidate faces tough road in Tampa
How does an attractive, Harvard-trained Tampa native who worked for two governors and President Clinton raise more than anyone ever has while running for Tampa mayor and still barely make the runoff?

Editorial: The looming war
Artificial deadlines should not curtail the Bush administration's effort to rebuild a broad international consensus for dealing with Iraq's illegal weapons.

Letters: A paramilitary culture is troubling
Re: Fort Florida, March 2.

Martin Dyckman: Tallahassee's test bullies
TALLAHASSEE -- To a very limited extent, I am coming to share Gov. Jeb Bush's vision of empty state buildings. The one I have in mind houses the Department of Education. It would be better off not just empty, but torn down brick by brick. Then the ground should be salted so nothing could grow there again.

Philip Gailey: Wavering Democrats straddle war divide
If there were an opposition party in Washington -- and there isn't -- the serious questions now being raised by Democrats about going to war with Iraq would have been asked before Congress gave President Bush a virtual blank check last October to use military force to disarm Saddam Hussein. It apparently never occurred to them that Bush intended to cash it.

Robyn E. Blumner: Women, men and work in a 'half-changed world'
About five years ago, a friend of mine left her job as a partner in a large law firm -- a job she had been dissatisfied with anyway -- to stay home after the birth of a daughter. Her husband, a law professor, suddenly became the couple's sole support.

Bill Maxwell: Joined at the hip, dragging each other down
After a Palestinian set off a bomb in a bus in Israel's northern city of Haifa a few days ago that killed himself and 15 other people, Haifa police spokesman Gil Kleiman told the New York Times: "Although we had two months of apparent quiet, it wasn't quiet at all. It was just that the battle had been taken from our bedrooms to their backyards."


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