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March 14, 2003
[an error occurred while processing this directive] Iraq: Blunt Britons denounce French
Longtime animosity between the countries colors rhetoric about Iraq.

Iraq: Undecideds offer to play peacemaker
UNITED NATIONS -- Six uncommitted nations tried Thursday to bridge the deep divide over Iraq at the United Nations with proposals that do not include triggers for war.

Iraq: Missile carriers moved to Red Sea
WASHINGTON -- The United States is moving about 10 Navy ships armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles from the eastern Mediterranean to the Red Sea, senior U.S. officials said Thursday.

Iraq: Iraq gloats at latest British, U.S setbacks
Iraqi foreign minister rejects compromise proposal and snubs Arab peace mission while country prepares for war.

Iraq: U.S. might skip vote, push to war
At the very least, a vote on the U.N. resolution is pushed into next week as undecided nations seem to reject Britain's six-step compromise.

Iraq: Senator criticizes planning for postwar Iraq
WASHINGTON -- A leading Republican senator accused the Bush administration Thursday of moving too slowly in developing plans to rebuild Iraq, saying, "We may be coming close to the moment of truth."

Fear in Syria: After Iraq, who's next?
A pro-American regime in Iraq would leave Syria stranded, and the strain is fueling fundamentalism.

At home, tale of girl's long journey emerges
For months, Elizabeth Smart was just miles from home, once hearing the cry of her uncle. She was spotted often, but until Wednesday, no one knew who the veiled "Augustine" really was.

A breath of hope for quadriplegic Christopher Reeve
Experimental surgery may allow the actor to shed his noisy respirator for good. Now he's breathing easier.

Serb criminals flourish since wars' end
BELGRADE, Serbia-Montenegro -- Killing their way through the former Yugoslavia, gangs under the control of Slobodan Milosevic symbolized the ferocity of the Balkan wars. Now, more than a decade later, they are suspected of organizing the assassination of Serbia's prime minister.

Graham votes to keep judicial filibuster alive
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Bob Graham is famous for waiting until the last minute to make up his mind on controversial votes and then siding with his fellow Democrats. His vote on judicial nominee Miguel Estrada was no exception.

Nation in brief: FDA okays AIDS drug
WASHINGTON -- Patients who are running out of medicines to fight the AIDS virus won a new option Thursday as the government approved a dramatically different anti-HIV drug.

Heart for Dillon, peace for Dad
LOMA LINDA, Calif. -- A critically ill baby whose Marine father put duty ahead of family and went off to the Middle East last month received a heart transplant Thursday and could go home within weeks.

Fighting terror: Ridge ready to raise alert level again
WASHINGTON -- Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge joined federal law enforcement officials Thursday in warning that suicide bombings like those that have killed hundreds of people in Israel are inevitable in the United States and will be difficult to prevent.

Health & medicine in brief: Medicine to carry bar codes
WASHINGTON -- Every medication given in the hospital soon will carry a label with a supermarket-style bar code that can be matched to patients and help ensure they get the right dose of the right drug at the right time.

Cows become weapons in political debate in India
NEW DELHI, India -- In most countries, few would consider it an insult. But when political opponents of India's prime minister went looking for a slur to use against him, they found one in his diet -- or at least his alleged diet.

World in brief: Libya says deal reached on Lockerbie
TRIPOLI, Libya -- The Libyan ambassador to London said Thursday his government has accepted its employees' responsibility for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, a step he argued met one of the last requirements for lifting U.N. sanctions against Libya.

British in search of new hat
LONDON -- Since 1815, Britain's Foot Guards have topped their ceremonial uniforms with tall bearskin hats, in memory of their victory that year over the French Imperial Guard at the Battle of Waterloo.

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