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March 15, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Susan Taylor Martin: American radio wins fans in Syria
    SYRIAN-IRAQI BORDER -- Now playing on your 1260 AM dial -- it's Radio Sawa!

    Iraq: Kurds, slim on supplies, study to survive war
    The residents of northern Iraqi cities organize seminars and publish pamphlets, but fear that won't be enough.

    Iraq: Feathered platoon to protect the troops
    LIVING SUPPORT AREA 7, Kuwait -- Nearly a month ago, the Marines of the 7th Regiment were given 43 chickens to raise and nurture, chickens that were to repay them by helping detect a possible Iraqi chemical or biological attack.

    Iraq: Antiwar protesters gearing up for march
    WASHINGTON -- As antiwar protesters began gathering for today's march around the White House and other demonstrations around the globe, dozens of former members of Congress urged the Bush administration to give weapons inspectors more time before taking military action against Iraq.

    Iraq: Bush summit shaping up as prelude to war
    The meeting with Britain and Spain's leaders is a last-ditch stab at reviving the troubled U.N. resolution.

    U.S. satellites won't be watching alone
    If there is a war with Iraq, at least a dozen nations will watch it unfold from space, including some countries that oppose U.S. policies in the Middle East.

    FBI: Drug used to calm baby on flight
    A former Northwest Airlines attendant is accused of spiking the girl's juice with Xanax to keep her from crying.

    Technocrat to lead China's legislature
    BEIJING -- The No. 2 man in China's Communist Party was named today to lead its nominal legislature, a ceremonial post that nonetheless reflects his power in the inner-circle hierarchy of men who run the world's most populous nation.

    NASA wants to have shuttle in space by fall
    WASHINGTON -- NASA officials are working to return the space shuttle to orbit as early as this fall, with plans to quickly correct flaws in the system uncovered by the board investigating the Columbia accident.

    Bush: Palestine leader essential for statehood
    WASHINGTON -- At odds with most Arab countries over war with Iraq, President Bush said Friday he would endorse a path toward Palestinian statehood immediately after the confirmation of a Palestinian prime minister.

    Pressure builds on Turkish leader
    ANKARA, Turkey -- Recep Tayyip Erdogan took over as Turkey's prime minister Friday under intense pressure to allow in U.S. ground troops or at least open the country's airspace to American warplanes for attacks on Iraq.

    CIA agents urged to reveal slanted intelligence reports
    WASHINGTON -- A small group composed mostly of retired CIA officers is appealing to colleagues still inside the agency to go public with any evidence the Bush administration is slanting intelligence to support its case for war with Iraq.

    Tests focus on what a 'dirty bomb' will do
    VIENNA -- In New Mexico's desert and Russia's Ural Mountains, U.S. and Russian experts are experimenting with simulated "dirty bombs" to see how such radiation weapons and potential terrorist tools might work, officials of the two countries say.

    More than 80 FBI planes watching over U.S.
    WASHINGTON -- The FBI has a fleet of aircraft, some equipped with night surveillance and eavesdropping equipment, flying America's skies to track and collect intelligence on suspected terrorists and other criminals.

    'Falcon and the Snowman' figure released from prison
    SAN FRANCISCO -- Christopher Boyce, whose Cold War spying was immortalized on film in The Falcon and the Snowman, was released Friday after about a quarter-century in prison.

    Nation in brief: GOP moderates say House's budget plan cuts too deeply
    WASHINGTON -- Eleven moderate House Republicans threatened Friday to oppose their chamber's GOP-written budget next week, complaining in a letter to leading lawmakers that it would cut taxes and spending too deeply.

    Science in brief: Mars radiation too intense for life
    PASADENA, Calif. -- NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft has confirmed suspicions that the radiation on Mars is so intense that it could endanger astronauts sent to explore the planet, scientists said this week.

    CLAUS HELBERG, 84, a Norwegian resistance fighter and member of a commando team that destroyed Germany's atomic weapons program in a daring World War II raid, died March 6 in Oslo. The 1943 raid destroyed a heavy water plant operated by the Nazi army near Rjukan after it occupied Norway. The plant could have provided Nazi scientists with the chemical reaction necessary to build an atomic bomb. The raid was depicted in a 1965 movie, The Heroes of Telemark, starring Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris.

    Mexican drug lord netted during fierce gunbattle
    MEXICO CITY -- Reputed drug lord Osiel Cardenas, who once threatened U.S. drug agents at gunpoint to get out of his territory, was arrested Friday after a fierce firefight with Mexican soldiers.

    World in brief: Venezuela strike leader given asylum
    CARACAS, Venezuela -- A leader of a failed two-month strike to oust President Hugo Chavez was granted asylum Friday by Costa Rica, the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry said.

    Germany aims to aid economy
    BERLIN -- Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder urged limited reform of Germany's faltering economy Friday, saying rigid rules on hiring and firing should be eased and jobless benefits trimmed.

    U.S. aircraft carrier joins exercises
    SEOUL, South Korea -- A U.S. aircraft carrier deployed off South Korea's coast Friday to take part in a major joint military exercise despite objections by North Korea.

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