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March 19, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Iraq: Graham tones down criticism of Bush over war
    When war looms for America, partisan fighting tends to give way to rallying around the troops.

    Iraq: U.S. warns Iraqis: If you attack, you'll die
    WASHINGTON -- Surrender or die, Iraqi troops are being told in U.S. leaflets, radio broadcasts and other messages giving precise instructions on where their tanks had better be pointed when the jets arrive.

    Iraq: Firefighters cancel strike in Britain
    LONDON -- With Britain braced for war with Iraq, British firefighters on Tuesday canceled a planned strike that would have forced thousands of soldiers to replace them.

    Susan Taylor Martin: Turks are tea'd off over drink shortage
    CIZRE, Turkey -- Call it liquid comfort food.

    Iraq: Hussein vows to stay, but he has lied before
    AMMAN, Jordan -- Iraq greeted with disdain an ultimatum for Saddam Hussein to step down or face immediate war. But Hussein has long seen unpredictability as his greatest weapon, and there are indications some Iraqi officials are at least entertaining the thought.

    Iraq: Q&AA
    A war is almost certain to disrupt oil exports from Iraq. Here are some questions and answers relating to Iraq's oil production:

    Iraq: Pentagon: Chemical weapons risk high
    Intelligence reports indicate Hussein has given field commanders authority to use them.

    Iraq: U.S. lists haste among strategic advantages
    WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration portrays war with Iraq as a last resort against a dangerous regime hiding weapons of evil.

    Iraq: Closed streets, talk of bullets in Washington
    WASHINGTON -- Barricaded streets, helicopters buzzing overhead and heavily armed police officers patrolling federal buildings: This is how the heart of the nation's capital appears on the eve of war with Iraq and a heightened terrorism alert.

    Iraq: Forced reunions
    Foreigners jam the roads out of Baghdad, and few have anything nice to say about the United States

    Iraq: For many, an all too-familiar exodus
    With closed-up shops left behind and traffic jams yet ahead, Iraq's Kurds have been down this road before.

    Iraq: Television networks line up their own troops
    She won an award for covering America's first war with Iraq, but Parisa Khosravi can't say with certainty how reporting of any new hostilities in the Persian Gulf might unfold on TV.

    Iraq: Republicans sharply criticize Daschle
    WASHINGTON -- Republicans denounced Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle on Tuesday for his criticism of President Bush with the nation on the brink of war. Daschle stood by his remarks.

    Iraq: Hussein: I'm not budging
    An irresistible force on two sides of the world girds on its armor to pry him lose.

    Iraq: Bush, allies have mixed results around world
    President Bush's ultimatum to Saddam Hussein reverberated around the world Tuesday.

    Dispatch from the 101st: Silence may be Hussein's first clue
    When the 101st Airborne tears into Iraq, any resistance may be wiped out before it can relay the news to Baghdad.

    World in brief: Cuba jails dissidents, restricts U.S. envoys
    HAVANA -- Cuba's communist-run government announced Tuesday night it had rounded up several dozen opponents and confirmed new restrictions on U.S. diplomats amid worsening relations between the two countries.

    China's new leaders vow reform to help rural poor
    BEIJING -- Laying out ambitious goals, China's new leaders vowed Tuesday to spur reform in Asia's fastest-growing economy and spread the benefits to the poor but gave no hint of opening the one-party Communist system.

    Arafat loses political battle
    JERUSALEM -- The Palestinian Parliament created the post of prime minister Tuesday, taking a major step toward U.S.-sought reforms and rebuffing Yasser Arafat's attempts to retain a say in forming the next Cabinet.

    Formula clears haze over smokers' lung cancer risk
    WASHINGTON -- How long and how much you smoked, and how long it has been since the last puff, make a difference in the risk of getting lung cancer.

    Nation in brief: Kidnapped teen was tethered to tree, threatened with death
    SALT LAKE CITY -- Elizabeth Smart was tethered to a tree, threatened with her life and sexually assaulted after she was kidnapped from her family home last summer, prosecutors said Tuesday after filing multiple felony charges against her alleged abductors.

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