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Friday, March 21, 2003
U.S. launches massive aerial campaign
AP updates
U.S. seizes Iraqi towns AP updates
Allies suffer first casualties in Iraq AP updates
Rumsfeld: Saddam losing control of Iraq AP updates
[AP photo]
U.S. Marines from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit keep an eye on Iraqi soldiers lying on the ground in southern Iraq today. Some 200 Iraqi soldiers surrendered to the unit.

art hed
Allied forces crossed into southern Iraq on Thursday after a thundering barrage of artillery that signaled the start of war on the ground. Story

photo   From Times staff photographer
John Pendygraft in Kuwait
Online journal: First casualties of war
Audio dispatches
Kuwait photo gallery

[AP photo]
U.S. soldiers hold a position in Kuwait as they train their rifles across the border into Iraq.
Fires erupt in large Iraqi oil field in south: Story
Hussein's fate unclear after attack: Story
When siren wails, everybody runs
Dispatch from the 101stAt Camp Pennsylvania in northern Kuwait, home to the 101st Airborne Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team, the first missile alarm sounded about 12:25 p.m. Story
Last hours show Bush's resolve
The Stealth bombers were in the air, ready to strike a building where Iraqi leaders were believed to be hiding, but President Bush hadn't given the green light. Story

U.S. asks all nations to expel any Iraqi envoys
In an unusual diplomatic move, the Bush administration called Thursday for the expulsion of Iraqi diplomats by all countries that recognize and deal with the government in Baghdad. Story
Well-tested weapons used to launch war
The opening salvos in the war to remove Saddam Hussein relied on tried-and-true cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs dropped by Air Force stealth fighter-bombers. Story
World reaction: On TV, at summit, Blair backs war

Governor also watches, waits
Gov. Jeb Bush watched the war begin Wednesday night the same way many other Americans did: at home in front of a television set. Story
Protesters try to rally dissent
LOCAL PROTESTS: At FSU, demonstrators clash and protesters march on the Capitol. Smaller demonstrations take place at other campuses. Story
War casts shadow on travel plans
While it's too early to tell the impact on the industry, there already are signs tourists are worried about traveling. Story
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War seeps into students' lives
The impact wasn't as powerful as 9/11, but parents, students and teachers found themselves dealing with a shift in their "normal" lives. Story
Tell kids the truth, but don't let them dwell on the war
Experts say too much information can be just as bad as too little when dealing with children. A lot depends on age. Story
Unlike 9/11, war doesn't halt bustle of life in bay area
The morning after America went to war, Tampa Bay area airports were buzzing, and schools were packed with students. Story
At home, war's echoes weigh on daily life
The chatter Thursday at Ashley Espresso, a family-run cafe on S Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa, was all about war and Saddam Hussein. Story
Brother's concern grows for 'human shield' sister
Late last month, Faith Fippinger called her brother in Sarasota from New Delhi. She told him she was leaving for Iraq to serve as a human shield in hopes of staving off a U.S. attack. Story

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