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March 22, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Iraq: Senate trims $100-billion from tax cuts to fund war
    WASHINGTON -- The Republican-run Senate dealt President Bush's $726-billion tax-cutting proposal a surprise blow on Friday by plucking out $100-billion to finance the war with Iraq. An effort to slice the tax plan in half was resoundingly defeated.

    Iraq: Coming face to face with risks of war
    It's amazing how long a day can last. I've had days when I looked at my watch and thought "Where did the day go?" Yesterday seemed like at least a week. We spent the morning in and out of bunkers in chemical gear and gas masks, hearing about incoming Scuds and waiting to see if the Patriots did their job. They did, and anyone who works with Patriots may stay in my home any day, drive my car, eat my food, tease my dog, play my CDs and put them back in the wrong case, get glops of jelly in my peanut butter jar, wear my clothes and basically help themselves to anything that's mine.

    Iraq: Troops take oil fields, halting sabotage
    SOUTHERN IRAQ -- U.S. and British troops have captured many key facilities in Iraq's southern oil fields, saving them from possible sabotage and ensuring their use for the country's postwar reconstruction, senior military officers said Friday.

    Iraq: Forces shatter marks of Hussein
    SAFWAN, Iraq -- U.S. Marines tore down Saddam Hussein in a screeching pop of metal and bolts Friday, rigging winch chains to the giant street portraits in newly taken southern Iraq.

    Iraq: CNN shows 'steel wave' flowing deep into Iraq
    ATLANTA -- The pictures were a bit bumpy and had enough sand kicking up at times that TV viewers may have instinctively ducked.

    Iraq: 12 human shields huddle at power plant
    BAGHDAD, Iraq -- When the allied missile attack on Iraq started Friday, Ingrid Ternert did not budge.

    Iraq: Charities to refuse military's protection
    Big charities ready to roll into Iraq with food, blankets and medicine plan to refuse the protection of U.S.-led military forces, fearing that being spotted with an invading superpower is more dangerous than going it alone.

    Iraq: Turkey relents on use of airspace
    WASHINGTON -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reversed course Friday by telling Secretary of State Colin Powell that U.S. warplanes may fly over Turkey to attack Iraq, a senior U.S. official said.

    Iraq: France threatens postwar plans
    BRUSSELS -- Refusing to back down from his opposition to the United States and Britain, French President Jacques Chirac threatened Friday to veto any U.N. resolution letting them run Iraq after the war.

    Iraq: Nations refuse to expel Iraqi diplomats
    PARIS -- A growing list of nations Friday brushed off, dismissed or outright rejected a U.S. request to expel Iraqi diplomats and close their embassies.

    Iraq: Bush's approval rating climbs after attacks
    WASHINGTON -- About two-thirds of Americans approve of President Bush's handling of the situation in Iraq and think he did enough diplomatically before invading, according to new polls released Friday.

    Iraq: Backlash worries U.S. Arabs, Muslims
    Feeling singled out in a nation at war, Arab- and Muslim-Americans are taking steps to prevent a feared backlash against their communities.

    Iraq: Hussein's fate remains shadowy
    There's little hard information about whether he was injured or worse in the palace bombing, but experts say the man speaking later on television was Hussein.

    Iraq: Iraqi soldiers quick to wave white flags
    WASHINGTON -- An entire division of 8,000 Iraqi soldiers surrendered to coalition forces in southern Iraq on Friday, another sign that Saddam Hussein's military is crumbling.

    Iraq: Arabs fill capitals' streets, vilify U.S.
    Riots erupted Thursday across the Mideast as crowds protested the war against Iraq; most protesters seemed more anti-American than pro-Saddam Hussein.

    Iraq: Thousands surrender as fury rains on Iraq
    The United States launched a ferocious, around-the-clock aerial assault on military targets in Baghdad and other cities Friday, squeezing the Iraqi leadership and pressing for surrender.

    Iraq: Hostile fire raises allied death toll
    Two Marines die in combat. Twelve troops killed in helicopter accident are mourned.

    Iraq: Graphic - Mobile Bridges
    Some of the techniques coalition forces could use to cross waterways whoe bridges have been destroyed.
    You will need the free Flash player to see the map.

    Fighting terror: French believe poison is tied to al-Qaida plots
    PARIS -- Police suspect traces of the poison ricin discovered in a train station locker are connected to recent alleged plots by al-Qaida to produce the deadly substance in London and to carry out chemical attacks in Paris, authorities said Friday.

    Fighting terror: FBI seeks suspect in African attacks
    MOMBASA, Kenya -- Investigators are looking for a young African Islamic teacher they believe was an architect of the Nov. 28 terrorist attacks on Kenya's Indian Ocean coast and the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings that killed 224 people, the Associated Press reported, quoting unnamed sources.

    Nation in brief: Maker punished for 'light' cigarettes
    EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. -- A judge Friday ordered cigarettemaker Philip Morris to pay $10.1-billion for misleading smokers into believing its "light" cigarettes are less harmful than regular labels.

    Scientists may have test for mystery illness
    GENEVA -- Scientists said Friday they believe they have developed a test for diagnosing the mysterious flu-like illness that has sickened hundreds in Asia, a crucial step in slowing the disease's spread.

    World in brief: S. Africa commission ends work
    PRETORIA, South Africa -- Marking the formal end of its work, South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission warned the government on Friday against issuing blanket amnesty to perpetrators of the crimes of apartheid, and they admonished businesses to join with the government in delivering reparations to the millions of blacks victimized by the former white minority government.

    Chechens to vote on their future, but critics not sold
    MOSCOW -- Their homes in ruins and their children afraid to fall asleep, Chechens are being told they can bring peace to their bloodstained patch of southern Russia with the flick of a pen today -- a vote for a new regional constitution.

    Town sets record for biggest ham biscuit
    SMITHFIELD, Va. -- "The Ham Capital of the World" is now the home of the largest ham biscuit ever baked, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

    Long-lost Bill of Rights is recovered
    PHILADELPHIA -- An original copy of the Bill of Rights, stolen from the North Carolina statehouse during the Civil War, was recovered in an undercover sting, the FBI said Wednesday.

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