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Sunday, March 23, 2003
Invasion growing more bloody
Allied soldiers under attack in a series of ruses; 12 U.S. soldiers missing and presumed captured; coalition forces fight to within 100 miles of Baghdad. AP updates

Waiting military families cling to fierce pride and enduring hope. Here are four of their stories:
The Kings
The McWhorters
The Morrises
The Galyons
[Times photo: Maurice Rivenbark]
Newlywed Lynn Phan Galyon holds stepson Blake Lee Galyon, 7 months old, and a photo of husband Jimmy Lee Galyon, a 20-year-old Marine who was sent to Kuwait in February.

A U.S. soldier was being held early today in connection with a grenade attack on the 1nd injured about 15 soldiers. Story
photo   From Times staff photographer
John Pendygraft in Kuwait
Online journal
Audio dispatches
Kuwait photo gallery

Dispatch from the 101stInfantrymen thrive in the thick of things
CAMP PENNSYLVANIA, Kuwait -- Others in the Army call them grunts, or trigger pullers, or crunchies, for the sound of a tank rolling over a dead soldier. Story

War price tag pegged at $80-billion
WASHINGTON --President Bush plans to tell congressional leaders on Monday that the war in Iraq will cost about $80-billion. Story
Bush reminds Americans war may be long, difficult
President Bush promised Americans an unrelenting military campaign regardless of the difficulties ahead. Story
Status of Iraqi leaders murky
WASHINGTON -- U.S. intelligence indicates at least one of Saddam Hussein's top deputies is alive and is commanding some of Iraq's military efforts. Story
Iraqi cartoonist skewers Hussein
AMMAN, Jordan -- While most editorial cartoonists in the Arab world are busy skewering President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, one has aimed his pen at a different target: Saddam Hussein. Story
3 errant missiles hit Iran, U.S. says
WASHINGTON -- As many as three U.S. missiles aimed at targets in Iraq may have landed in Iran, two officials at the Pentagon said Saturday. Story

Officials defiant despite attacks
Advancing coalition troops and repeated air attacks aren't enough to still the pace of daily life in Iraq's capital. Story

• Enemy in plain clothes distracts convoy Story
• Protests wane as war rages Story
• Quick, new Apaches can shoot, hunt and escort Story
• From coast to coast, families mourn

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Drink up! Water's fine, tests show
After two days of boiling and toting water, residents in two counties get an all clear. But pipeline repairs continue. Story
NCAA Tournament coverage
Stories | NCAA brackets
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Tell us about your relatives in the military
Do you have a relative in serving in the military in the Middle East? We would like to hear from you. More
Religious leaders ease pains of war
Messages shift to express hope for a short conflict and minimal casualties as area worshipers grapple with war. Story

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