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March 27, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Shuttle Disaster: Air pockets in foam puzzle shuttle board
    CAPE CANAVERAL -- Accident investigators said Wednesday they found air pockets in the insulating foam of a spare shuttle fuel tank, potentially treacherous flaws that may have been present on the tank that shed debris during Columbia's final liftoff two months ago.

    Iraq: Saudis have no peace plan, after all, but want peace
    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Saudi Arabia backed away Wednesday from an announcement that it had made a peace proposal to the United States and Iraq, saying only that it had offered "general ideas" about ending the war and not a formal initiative.

    Elite Iraqi troops move south
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    Iraq troops moving
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    Terror Indictments: Muslim linked to Al-Arian trained military chaplains
    WASHINGTON -- An Islamic scholar -- a man court records suggest is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Sami Al-Arian case -- has played a key role in training Muslim chaplains in the U.S. military, prompting a U.S. senator to pursue a Pentagon investigation.

    Iraq: Goal is not to replace Iraqi justice system
    AN NASIRIYAH, Iraq -- American lawyers and legal officials in military uniform, toting law books and ready to establish martial law, are traveling with U.S. and British troops surging into Iraq.

    Iraq: Albania eager to support U.S. effort
    ZALLHERR, Albania -- In this Muslim country where Americans are adored and U.S. flags flutter atop cinderblock homes, Ervin Sula and other soldiers are gearing up for action in Iraq.

    Iraq: A strum that brings people together
    In the past year and a half, Lance Cpl. Daniel Hartzog's 30-year-old guitar has been to Afghanistan, Crete, Malta, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and in an airtight room on the USS Bataan (which had great acoustics) and it's now being used in an empty recreation tent in Kuwait to piece together a song about war.

    Dispatch from the 101st: Quiet ahead of the unknown
    WITH U.S. FORCES IN SOUTHERN IRAQ -- So this is how it is. Night is falling in the desert Wednesday, and the wind is still, and the dust has stopped swirling, and the air is finally free and cool. The soldiers are trying to rest, and trying to finish the tasks, as best they know how, that make them ready for the chaos to come.

    Air Force promises changes
    WASHINGTON -- Top Air Force officers pledged Wednesday to restore honor to an Air Force Academy shaken by allegations that female cadets were ostracized or reprimanded for reporting rapes and sexual assaults.

    Tax cut halved in Senate budget
    WASHINGTON -- The Senate delivered a wartime rebuff to President Bush's domestic plans on Wednesday, approving a $2.2-trillion budget that provides less than half the $726-billion in tax cuts he wants to rally the listless economy.

    Study: Silent strokes boost dementia risk
    Symptomless, unnoticed strokes more than double the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, according to a large Dutch study that suggests many people could prevent the mind-robbing disorder by keeping their heart and blood vessels healthy.

    Drug to prevent nausea approved
    WASHINGTON -- Cancer patients are about to get new help in preventing the vomiting that can be debilitating during chemotherapy -- a pill that blocks nausea impulses in the brain.

    Nation in brief: High court upholds legal aid
    WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court on Wednesday narrowly upheld a nationwide program that channels millions of dollars every year to legal services for the poor by pooling the interest earned on short-term deposits that lawyers hold in trust for their clients.

    Court: Reno cannot be sued for Elian raid
    MIAMI -- Former Attorney General Janet Reno and other federal officials have immunity from an excessive force lawsuit filed by the Miami relatives of young Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez, an appellate court ruled.

    Interpol puts Fujimori on its most-wanted list
    The move is intended to put more pressure on Japan, where Peru's former president is shielded from charges.

    Fighting terror: 9/11 panel says it needs money to continue
    WASHINGTON -- Members of an independent commission appointed to investigate the Sept. 11 terror attacks warned Wednesday the panel will go broke by August without $11-million in new money, which wasn't included in the Bush administration's supplemental war budget as members had expected.

    World in brief: India and Pakistan test missiles
    NEW DELHI -- India and Pakistan tested short-range missiles Wednesday, a day after each side blamed the other for rising violence in the disputed region of Kashmir.

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