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April 2, 2003
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Tears to mourn, laughter to remember

There was another memorial service today. Two memorials in about a week's time would provide a different perspective if put in the context of the entire war, or even in relation to a small town.

Saudis to Hussein: Sacrifice yourself
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Saudi Arabia repeated its call Tuesday for Saddam Hussein to sacrifice himself to end the war in Iraq, warning there is a danger that hostilities will escalate into a regional conflict whose outcome cannot be predicted.

4th Infantry begins arriving at Kuwaiti port
SHUAIBA PORT, Kuwait -- The first major reinforcements for U.S. and British forces roared off ships Tuesday, adding a major new punch to the campaign to take Baghdad.

Campus war protests a far cry from Vietnam
The day after U.S. bombs began falling in Iraq, philosophy professor Tom Auxter joined hundreds of protesters sitting on the grass at a park near the University of Florida.

Hometown, family jubilant over the liberation of POW
PALESTINE, W.Va. -- Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch's family rejoiced Tuesday at word of her rescue, more than a week after she and other members of her maintenance unit were captured in Iraq.

Dispatch from the 101st: Smiles, waves greet march into holy city
NAJAF, Iraq -- They left at dawn, marching into smoke from fires still burning from the pre-emptive strike the day before, and by noon had become the first U.S. soldiers to occupy a major Iraqi city since the war started two weeks ago.

Adopted town honors its Marine
POWELL, Wyo. -- Hundreds attended a brief but emotional funeral Tuesday for a Marine who was one of the first casualties in the war in Iraq.

Panels approve $80-billion for terror, Iraq wars
WASHINGTON -- The House and Senate Appropriations committees approved similar bills Tuesday containing nearly $80-billion for initial costs of the war with Iraq and other antiterrorism efforts, including aid for the nation's struggling airlines.

Judge seeks new drug trials over racial issues
TULIA, Texas -- The drug convictions of 38 mostly black defendants from a farm town in the Texas Panhandle should be thrown out because they were based on questionable testimony from a single undercover agent accused of racial prejudice, a judge said Tuesday.

Nation in brief: Board considers primer as 'Columbia' culprit
HOUSTON -- Paint primer leaching off the shuttle launch towers may have eaten tiny holes in the leading edge of Columbia's left wing, weakening it enough to break when struck by a chunk of foam during liftoff, accident investigators said Tuesday.

World in brief: British jury convicts 2 in terror money plot
LONDON -- Two illegal immigrants from Algeria were convicted on Tuesday of plotting to raise money for terror groups that the British police said included al-Qaida.

Plane held up to check for SARS; none found
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Five passengers on a flight from Tokyo were cleared of a mystery illness from Asia after the jetliner was stopped on the tarmac in what first looked like a public health emergency.

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