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April 3, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Baghdad's bravado vanishes in fire and smoke
    BAGHDAD, Iraq -- The passengers on the upper deck of bus No. 4 turned their heads in unison to look at the wreckage left by the missile attack on the Bab al-Moazam telephone exchange. Many shook their heads in disbelief, and some stared with their mouths agape. But no one said a word.

    Susan Taylor Martin: Where you stand depends on what you watch
    AMMAN, Jordan -- After a Baghdad market was destroyed March 28, purportedly by a U.S. missile strike, viewers of CNN saw nothing more jarring than a man lying on a gurney with a bandage around his arm.

    U.S. using cluster bombs on large targets in Iraq
    The United States is showering targets in Iraq with the most unpredictable weapons in its arsenal: tiny cluster bombs so deadly they can demolish a tank, but so erratic they can take years to blow up.

    Soldiers march amid a smiling peril
    NAJAF, Iraq -- It was the kind of situation that unnerves cops and soldiers alike, especially when the crowd doesn't understand English. Gobs of people pressing against their lines, reaching for their hands, flashing the thumbs up.

    Najaf in hand but not under control
    NAJAF, Iraq -- The sun was still gripping the western sky when Col. Ben Hodges, commander of the 101st Airborne Division's 1st Brigade, checked on his troops after a long day of search and destroy.

    One family joyous as others still wait
    PALESTINE, W.Va. -- The family of Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch received an eagerly anticipated telephone call Wednesday evening from their daughter, hospitalized in Germany one day after being rescued from an Iraqi hospital.

    Satellite phone use restricted
    Both sides in the Iraq war are now restricting the use of satellite phones.

    14 Questions
    If you have questions about the war in Iraq, please send them to:

    U.N., U.S. could clash over Iraq's oil
    WASHINGTON -- Most of Iraq's oil fields may now be lying idle, but international maneuvering for their control is going strong.

    Drug slows Alzheimer's effects
    A drug long used in Germany slows down memory loss and physical decline in advanced Alzheimer's patients, according to a study of what could be the first effective treatment for late stages of the mind-robbing ailment.

    Flu shots shorten hospital stays
    Flu shots may do more for the elderly than fend off the flu bug: They also protect against heart disease and stroke, new research shows.

    States can force open HMOs
    WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that states can pass laws forcing HMOs to open their networks to more health care providers, giving patients broader choices of doctors and hospitals but potentially boosting costs.

    Tobacco companies sue to stop antismoking ads
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Two tobacco companies are suing California, saying the state's antismoking TV ads unfairly vilify their industry.

    World in brief: 16 killed in Philippine bomb blast
    MANILA, Philippines -- The Philippine president ordered a "total war" on terrorists after a bomb exploded Wednesday near a bustling wharf in the southern port of Davao, killing at least 16 people, including two children.

    Cuban trials of dissidents to call for life sentences
    HAVANA -- Cuba is seeking life sentences for at least 10 of the dissidents jailed in the largest crackdown in years -- aimed at extinguishing all government opposition, the island's best-known rights activist said Wednesday.

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