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April 4, 2003
[an error occurred while processing this directive] Iraq: Christian groups' relief aid to Iraqis makes some uneasy
NASHVILLE -- U.S.-based Christian relief organizations are poised to offer medicine, food, and other supplies to needy Iraqis once the war ends, but critics are concerned the groups may use humanitarian aid to make inroads in the predominantly Muslim nation.

Iraq: March to mosque provokes worst fears
NAJAF, Iraq -- In a region where religion often means the difference between peace and war, life and death, faith was as calming as oil on roiling waters Thursday. Then the oil ignited.

Iraq: Local doctor to lead Iraqi health care
An Iraqi-born doctor at the VA Medical Center at Bay Pines will oversee the U.S. government's plan to rebuild the health care system in Iraq after the war ends.

Iraq: U.S. alone can't revive Iraq, U.N. official says
UNITED NATIONS -- A senior U.N. relief official said Thursday that the overwhelming financial and political costs of rebuilding Iraq after the war would force the United States to eventually grant the United Nations and the international community a broader hand in shaping the country's future.

Iraq: Capital abides as darkness falls
In some ways, amid the rubble it's an ordinary day, with traffic tickets and patriotic music. And then the lights go out.

Iraq: TV reveals little about Hussein
Intelligence specialists disagree on whether recent TV appearances were taped before the war, but either way, they reveal little.

Iraq: Commandos raid Hussein palace, find no one home
CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar -- U.S. Special Operations forces raided one of Saddam Hussein's favorite residences, the Tharthar Presidential Palace northwest of Baghdad, seizing documents but failing to find the Iraqi leader or his sons.

Iraq: Ribbon ban infuriates N.J. town
FIELDSBORO, N.J. -- Yellow ribbons and all other private displays have been banned from public property here, a decision that has drawn criticism from residents and business owners who want to show their support for American troops fighting in Iraq.

Iraq: Father says rescued POW wasn't shot or stabbed
PALESTINE, W.Va. -- The father of rescued POW Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch said Thursday she was in great spirits after her first surgery and said doctors told him she had not been shot or stabbed during her ordeal.

Iraq: Baghdad bristles with targets, armaments
CAIRO, Egypt -- Hundreds of targets -- some overt and others unexpected -- await U.S.-led forces in Baghdad, a sprawling city of 5-million people.

Iraq: British take hold in Basra
BASRA, Iraq -- For the first time, British troops established camp Thursday inside the southern city of Basra, where fierce battles have raged between the British, Iraqi fighters and residents who oppose Saddam Hussein's regime.

Iraq: 3 incidents may be friendly fire
WASHINGTON -- American forces in Iraq had four deadly accidents, three of which might have been caused by friendly fire, officials said Thursday.

Iraq: Alternative to battle for Baghdad: Isolate it
WASHINGTON -- American forces might stop short of storming Baghdad and instead isolate it while the makings of a new national government are put in place, President Bush's top military adviser said Thursday.

Iraq: Bush comforts grieving families of fallen Marines
CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. -- At a military base hard hit by combat deaths, President Bush shed tears Thursday with relatives of Marines killed in Iraq and told one man's family, "He's in heaven."

Fighting terror : Pursuit reveals training ground
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Heavy pounding by U.S. fighter aircraft drove Taliban holdouts from their mountain hideout, where cleanup crews Thursday found a transit camp and a staging ground for hit and run assaults by the religious militia and their allies.

Man cleared of rapes after 19 years in prison
BOSTON -- A man who spent 19 years in prison after three rape victims identified him as their attacker was freed Thursday, cleared by DNA tests on evidence dug up by a law student working on his case.

Bush may rework Section 8
WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration wants to give states control of federal vouchers that help nearly 2-million families pay the rent, a major shakeup for one of the government's largest housing programs.

Nation in brief: House, Senate pass about $80-billion for war
WASHINGTON -- Congress voted overwhelmingly Thursday to give President Bush about $80-billion for initial costs of the invasion of Iraq and other antiterrorism efforts.

World in brief : Cuba threatens force if ferry hijackers don't give up
HAVANA -- Backed by a threat of force, Cuban authorities Thursday negotiated with armed men for the release of a hijacked ferry and passengers after the boat returned from the high seas in search of enough fuel to reach U.S. shores.

Fossils indicate dinosaurs used cannibalism to survive
New fossil evidence suggests a distant cousin of the Tyrannosaurus rex that roamed the plains of Madagascar millions of years ago regularly dined on its own kind to survive during hard times.

Plants have own biological clock
WASHINGTON -- Plants appear still and silent, but inside a clock is ticking.

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