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April 14, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Iraq
    Powell: Iraqis, not U.S., to rule Iraq

    LONDON -- The people of Iraq will choose their future government in democratic elections, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday, trying to dispel fears that Washington will appoint a puppet administration.

    'I could kiss the world!' dad says
    Their long weeks of waiting over, their prayers finally answered, families of seven captured U.S. soldiers laughed and cried with unbridled joy Sunday as they celebrated word that their loved ones had been released in Iraq.

    Marines muscle way into Tikrit
    TIKRIT, Iraq -- U.S. Marines moved into Saddam Hussein's hometown early today in a new foray to battle the city's scattered defenders as U.S. artillery and warplanes tried to wear down any attempt at a last stand at the Iraqi leader's power base.

    Boredom quickly replaces battlefield's excitement
    HILLAH, Iraq -- They gave their Humvees names like Apocalypse and No Mercy and Death On Call, and kept their long knives shaving-sharp. They blew into Iraq three weeks ago during a driving rainstorm, bristling with guns and an intent to kill.

    Soldiers grapple with war, peace
    HILLAH, Iraq -- Thursday afternoon, American forces here were simultaneously directing a helicopter attack against enemy fighters, meeting with local tribal leaders, and planning to distribute food to a hungry and war-weary citizenry.

    China: Protect our embassy
    BEIJING -- China said Sunday that looters ransacked its embassy in Baghdad, and demanded that the United States protect the building and replace any stolen items.

    Guard for CNN crew trades fire with Iraqis
    NEW YORK -- An armed guard protecting a CNN crew engaged in a brief gunfight with Iraqi forces while speeding through a checkpoint near Tikrit on Sunday. Two people in the CNN convoy were slightly injured.

    Bush urges Syria to 'cooperate'
    WASHINGTON -- President Bush warned Syria on Sunday not to harbor Iraqi leaders and charged that Damascus has chemical weapons, but was careful not to threaten military action.

    6 in 10 oppose wartime tax cuts
    WASHINGTON -- Six in 10 Americans say they are against more tax cuts in wartime when the country already faces huge budget deficits, according to an Associated Press poll. Still, half of all Americans say their taxes are too high.

    Graphic: POWs freed, final opposition met in Tikrit

    Nation in brief: Nations say they shirked aid duties
    WASHINGTON -- World financial leaders acknowledged Sunday that they are in danger of losing "the other war," conceding that their failure to follow through on past pledges is contributing to global poverty, health crises and other ills.

    Reformers proposed for Palestinian Cabinet
    JERUSALEM -- The incoming Palestinian prime minister completed a new Cabinet on Sunday in line with a leadership overhaul the United States sought, keeping the key post of security czar for himself and appointing several professionals and reformers.

    World in brief: Fitter SARS patients die in Hong Kong
    HONG KONG -- Five more patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome have died in Hong Kong, including four who had been in good health before falling ill and failing to respond to treatment that has worked for others, health officials said Sunday.

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