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April 14, 2003

Personal Tech: April 14, 2003 Despite popularly, Google under fire for privacy issues
Type "phone book" into the Google search engine and about 4.5-million results turn up. Directories, reverse directories, just about every type of phone information you can imagine is listed.

Solutions: Low memory or resources may be slowing program startup
Q. I have a problem when trying to view winipcfg. After clicking on the program, the programs' menu does not display on the screen. After clicking Ctrl-Alt-Del, the list of programs running comes up and shows winipcfg running. Several times I thought the program did not start and went to the Start/Run menu again and again clicked on the program to open. When I click Ctrl-Alt-Del, I will see the program listed as running several times. After canceling the programs, I have been able eventually to open the program. I recently have experienced this with another program. Using Ctrl-Alt-Del, I canceled the program and then was able to open the program properly. Most often when I experience this problem I am using a desktop shortcut to execute the program. When a program is running but not visible on the screen, such as I have described, is there a way to force the program to display itself?

Internet consultant Ron Dupont will be the guest speaker at Tuesday's meeting of the Tampa Bay Computer Society. It begins at 6:45 p.m. at the Largo Cultural Center, 105 Central Park Drive. For information, call (727) 443-4433 or check

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The Buzz: IBM hopes plan would reduce spam
Here's one idea to end the flood of spam: Commercial e-mailers would pay an authorization fee that would grant them the privilege to send mail to a recipient. As described in Information Week, the program, under development by IBM, would sniff incoming e-mail and determine if a message is part of a recipient-defined list of approved addresses. Messages not on the list then would be scoured for a 10-digit code obtained from one of two sources -- the above-mentioned software or a site that would issue authenticated codes for a fee.

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