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April 16, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Iraq: Iraq's intellectual heritage sacked
    UNESCO and the British Museum say they will help restore ransacked museums.

    Iraq: Blair, Schroeder seek to heal relations, Iraq
    HANOVER, Germany -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder sought Tuesday to portray the rebuilding of Iraq as a chance not only to improve the lives of Iraqis but also to repair strained trans-Atlantic ties.

    Iraq: Powell: No attack on Syria
    Trying to calm a charged atmosphere, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday that the United States has no plans to go to war with Syria or anyone else to bring democracy to a totalitarian state.

    Iraq: Hunt continuing for Iraq's trove of terror
    Q: What type of chemical weapons is Saddam Hussein alleged to have had?

    Shuttle Disaster: Mere slit may have been 'Columbia' wing's undoing
    As investigators braid clues from wreckage, images and sensors, the breach that allowed heated gases changes shape.

    Iraq: Dear Abby site nears its 2-millionth message
    WASHINGTON -- When the anthrax attacks stopped Operation Dear Abby from forwarding wishes to U.S. troops, the Pentagon set up an Internet site to keep the messages coming.

    Iraq: Two families of custodians remain to nurture cradle of mankind
    UR, Iraq -- This is the place where civilization arose, where an ingenious race of people irrigated fields, forged agricultural tools and devised the written word.

    Iraq: U.S. hosts meeting of Iraqis; thousands protest
    UR, Iraq -- Under a white and gold tent, the United States assembled Iraqi factions Tuesday and told them it has "absolutely no interest" in ruling Iraq. Some Muslims boycotted the meeting and thousands demonstrated nearby.

    Iraq: Flareups puncture slow return of order
    American forces worked to re-establish order in Baghdad and Tikrit on Tuesday, but a clash with protesters in the northern city of Mosul may have killed 10 Iraqis and injured up to 16 others.

    Bush aims for middle ground on tax cut
    WASHINGTON -- On tax day, President Bush indicated that he would accept a reduction in his proposed tax cuts to $550-billion over ten years -- far less than the $726-billion he requested, but still above the $350-billion backed by the Senate.

    Nation in brief: Gym shooting victim had gun in pocket, coroner says
    NEW ORLEANS -- A loaded handgun was found Tuesday on the body of a 15-year-old boy who was gunned down in a high school gym, according to police who say they believe the attack was retaliation for an earlier slaying.

    FBI reels from wrongdoing by workers
    WASHINGTON -- Reformed after controversy in the mid 1990s, the FBI crime lab is dealing with new wrongdoing by employees that has opened the door for challenges of the lab's science in scores of cases involving DNA and bullet analysis, internal documents show.

    Dangerous, yes, but Kabul has changed
    KABUL, Afghanistan -- They gathered on the roof of the Mustafa Hotel here Sunday night to celebrate the birthday of one of the hotel's longtime guests. As 11 p.m. approached, about 25 people were dining on lamb kebabs, downing Australian lager and admiring the view of the mountains surrounding Kabul.

    Who's funding Bob Graham? Mostly Fla. folk
    Sen. Bob Graham's presidential campaign got nearly 90 percent of its money from Florida, according to a report filed Tuesday night with the Federal Election Commission.

    World in brief: 9 more die from SARS in Hong Kong, but baby saved
    HONG KONG -- Doctors saved the baby of a pregnant woman dying of the respiratory ailment known as SARS, delivering the child by Caesarean section, hospital officials said. The mother was one of nine people whose deaths were reported Tuesday as Hong Kong struggles to combat the disease.

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