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April 23, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Susan Taylor Martin
    Iraqis thrilled to see police
    BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Here's something you don't often see -- a motorist kissing a traffic cop.

    As order returns, loot's recovered

    BAGHDAD, Iraq -- When looters hit the palace of Saddam Hussein's oldest son, Uday, they set their sights on a car lover's dream: a customized Ford with a Rolls Royce-style hood, leather interior and steering wheel made of gold and polished wood.

    Huge stashes of U.S. money are discovered
    WASHINGTON -- Piles of U.S. currency, hundreds of millions of dollars so far, are being found in Iraq, even though the country has been under economic sanctions for nearly 13 years.

    Kurds welcome postwar overseer
    SULAYMANIYAH, Iraq -- Twelve years after he led a mission that protected Kurds from Saddam Hussein's wrath, Jay Garner returned to northern Iraq on Tuesday to a warm welcome and a bigger task: the reconstruction of the entire country.

    U.N.: Syria returning refugees to Iraq
    GENEVA -- Dozens of Iraqi refugees, mostly children, have been expelled from a camp in Syria and sent back to their homeland, the United Nations said Tuesday.

    France: Suspend sanctions
    The surprise proposal doesn't go far enough for the United States, which wants the U.N. embargo quickly lifted.

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    SARS drug search narrowed

    Scientists in search of a SARS cure have narrowed their focus to several dozen drugs that appear to have the best chance of stopping the deadly respiratory virus, but they have abandoned plans to test one of them in people.

    Early end of study on drug lambasted
    CHICAGO -- In a scathing condemnation of the pharmaceutical industry, editors at one of the nation's top medical journals said a company shortchanged science by halting a large study of high blood pressure drugs to save money.

    Nation in brief: Ana still doesn't know it's April
    MIAMI -- The first Atlantic tropical storm of the year formed Tuesday, more than five weeks before the hurricane season officially begins.

    World in brief: Winner in Nigeria pleads for peace
    LAGOS, Nigeria -- Incumbent Olusegun Obasanjo won an overwhelming victory in Nigeria's presidential election, officials said Tuesday, but the main opposition party rejected the result as fraudulent and threatened massive protests.

    Cuban agent: 'Opposition is finished'
    HAVANA -- An undercover Cuban agent credited with giving some of the most damaging courtroom evidence against dissidents said the island's opposition movement has been shattered.

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