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Published January 11, 2004

Not as eloquent on Rose but still as angry at him

Gary Shelton hit the nail on the head re: Pete Rose (Hall of Shame for Rose, Tuesday). The obvious lying and vilification of his accusers by Rose, and his earlier book, diminished this gifted athlete. I love Shelton's line about "scrambling about the floor of the confessional looking for loose change." My own feelings are even more bitter, just less literate.

-- Max R. Loick, St. Petersburg

Way to go, Gary Shelton. Loved his column on Pete Rose. Amen on all points. But I still do not think a cheat, liar or whatever you want to call him should be in the Hall of Fame. His actions then and now show me he is not worthy of such a tribute.

-- Stephanie Flynn, via e-mail

McGraw deserved more space than ex-teammate

I was upset to see that Pete Rose got a bigger write-up than Tug McGraw in Tuesday's paper. Tug was a legend in his own time and deserved a better and larger article and picture than Pete Rose. Who cares if Pete Rose finally admits the truth after years of lying to the baseball fans?

-- Gene London, Kenneth City

Devil Rays shouldn't have hired instigator of fight

I have always supported the Rays since their inception, from Mr. Naimoli down to all the hard-working staff. I am very disappointed the Rays hired Don Zimmer.

What he did during the playoffs with the Red Sox was despicable. Managers and coaches always try to quell fights, not incite them. Pedro Martinez had the right to defend himself. Zimmer got what he deserved.

With such an attitude, the Zimmenator should retire for the good of the Rays and baseball.

-- Chris Cashavelly, St. Pete Beach

Writers shouldn't decide national championship

The only fraud I see concerning the BCS is committed by sportswriters who whine about their loss of power in selecting the national champs. Why don't sportswriters (and their illegitimate offspring, TV broadcasters) own up to the fact that the BCS ranking system is more objective than they ever were? The writers' propensity to vote for regional favorites was the principal cause for creation of the BCS.

A national playoff would be great, but going back to allowing biased writers to select the national champ is unacceptable. Saying the polls show the flaws in the BCS assumes what needs to be proved: that polls are objective - a circular argument appealing to hacks and talk-radio geniuses but not logical folks.

-- Gary Huffaker, Dunedin

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