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One on one with Craig Ferguson

Published January 30, 2004

Trevor Ferguson was leading the county in scoring and was second in rebounding. Then, in one fell swoop, he went up for a dunk and landed on his head, cushioning his fall with his wrists and breaking them. If that wasn't enough, he had his car towed earlier in the day and had to spend $130 to get it out. The money was from his birthday, which was the day before. How's that for a bad 24 hours?

We caught up to him recently:

JC: Casts on both hands. Guess that explains why I'm on speakerphone right now?

TF: I can't hold the phone.

JC: Can you do anything with your hands?

TF: No. I can't write, can't dress myself, can't go to the bathroom by myself.

JC: Whoa. You can't go to the bathroom by yourself?

TF: Nope. Someone has to go with me. It's very awkward.

JC: Bad images, must move on. Food. Can you eat?

TF: Someone has to feed me. I actually went to Ruby Tuesdays and had a steak, and they had to cut it for me and feed it to me. It was kind of embarrassing. But I was sick of being in the house.

JC: I'm still stuck on "I can't go to the bathroom alone." What about an itch?

TF: People have to scratch me. I've got people scratching me right now.

JC: Who has Trevor duty? Who gets the honor of feeding you.

TF: My friend Mallory (Kolbert).

JC: Your girlfriend Mallory?

TF: No, she's a friend.

JC: So she drives you around, feeds you, cuts your steak ... and not your girlfriend? I'm thinking you might want to lock that down, ya know? Sounds like a keeper.

TF: (Laughs nervously.)

JC: If you were chosen to be on The Real Word, in which city would you want the show to be set?

TF: Louisville, my hometown.

JC: Would you like to do the show The Bachelor?

TF: No. I don't like that stuff.

JC: What's your favorite TV show?

TF: The Simpsons and Chappelle's Show.

JC: How many times have you seen the movie Hoosiers?

TF: I've never seen the whole thing.

JC: What words do you live by?

TF: Everything happens for a reason.

JC: The broken wrists. The reason that happened?

TF: I'm not 100 percent sure yet. Maybe it just wasn't time for me to go to college. Maybe God wanted to me to stay back another year and get bigger and better. There could be many numerous reasons. I don't question it.

JC: Super Bowl prediction?

TF: New England 24-17. New England is up most of the game, and Carolina comes back and they fall short.

JC: Who's the best point guard in the NBA?

TF: Jason Kidd because he does everything a point guard is supposed to do. The best player by far is LeBron James.

JC: By far?

TF: The best player in history.

JC: Dream date, though the way you're talking about LeBron

TF: It's LeBron (later changed to Jennifer Aniston).

JC: You know who it should be ... Mallory Kolbert.

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