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Junior travelers conquer expression contest

Published February 15, 2004

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? That was the theme for October's Young Expressionist Contest sponsored by the Pasco Times and the Pasco County School District. The winners are Lauren Lynch of Pineview Elementary in Land O'Lakes for artwork; Lindsay Kelly of Pasco Elementary in Dade City for an essay; and Gemma Watkins of Sunray Elementary School in Holiday for poetry.

Lauren is a fifth-grader. Her teacher is Cathleen Sopcik. Lauren's parents are Kelly and Scott Lynch of Land O'Lakes. The winning drawing depicts Australia, where she says she'd like to visit one day. Kelly enjoys drawing, cheerleading and hanging out with friends. Her favorite subject is math.

Lindsay is a fifth-grader in Latoya Jordan's class. Her parents are Jean Marie Whaley and Forrest Kelly of Dade City. She has one sister. Lindsay enjoys dancing, basketball, soccer and reading. Her favorite subject is language arts.

Gemma Watkins, winner for a poem, was a student in Maria Houmis' class. Gemma has transferred from the school. Each month during the school year, a committee of school personnel selects winners in the categories of art, essay and poetry. The contest is open to students in the third, fourth and fifth grades. Each top winner receives a gift certificate for a book and a certificate of merit.

Niagara Falls


Pasco Elementary School

"Mom, are we there yet?" were the only words I ever heard from the 1,500 miles on the road. That's not surprising. The trip from Florida to Niagara Falls isn't a "short trip." Though after seven days of endless driving, five hotels, 19 gas stations and 897,867,772 yellow lines on the road, WE WERE FINALLY CROSSING THE RAINBOW BRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe me it took almost 30 minutes to get over it!!! But at least I could see something. Something I had been waiting to see for many long months. One hundred feet of mist was rising, where the other side of the falls came in to view. The next five minutes went by in a blur. We entered Canada and drove down a long road FILLED with tourists. Seriously, if you stuck your head out the window you would hear so many languages you would think you were hearing the entire world on just one street. Anyway, the road followed a river. Not just any river, but the Niagara River. We would soon be approaching the falls. There it was . . . Niagara Falls. I didn't think I had ever seen anything more beautiful.

One of the best parts of my trip to Niagara Falls was going on the Maid of the Mist. It's been around since 1846. Before we boarded, we had to put on bright blue rain ponchos. The boat was supposed to get within 10 meters of the falls, so I imagined we would get fairly wet. I was wrong. We got SOAKED. We got so close to the falls that we could feel the pulse of the water coming down on us. The experience was amazing.

Another thing we did to get a closer look at the falls was going behind the falls. There is a cave behind Niagara Falls, allowing you to see it from the back side. For this again we had to put on ponchos. I got lightly misted, but not nearly as wet as on the Maid of the Mist, thankfully.

The best time to see Niagara Falls is nighttime. There is a laser that shines different color lights on the falls. The sky is like a pitch black blanket with dozens of stars sprinkled around. With this and the vivid colors of the falls, the place seems magical. Hundreds of people gaze up at Niagara Falls seeming like small children in a candy store.

The power of the force of the falls is overwhelming. It's an amazing sight. For the rest of my life, I'll never forget Niagara Falls.

Here I Come Delaware!!!


Sunray Elementary School

If I could travel anywhere

I would go to Delaware!

What's that splashing sound I hear?

It's getting close, I'm getting near!

"It's the Delaware River."

I shrieked in a quiver!

I met the Indians of Delaware

They inquired about my visit there.

I told them I came from Florida,

Another state, another area.

Delaware has a very small population,

But I think it's a great place for a vacation!

Population grew by 10 percent,

Looking for jobs is why people were sent,

Egrets feed on Delaware's Atlantic,

but you better by careful, they tend to get frantic!

Sandpipers feed on the grassy wetlands,

While we're on the beach eating chips on the sand.

Next time you visit Delaware,

And you don't know where to go,

Think of all the things I told you

Then you'll surely know!

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