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Don't deny comfort of pets for needy

Letters to the Editor
Published February 29, 2004

Re: Help out with spay, neuter costs, letter, Feb. 18.

The letter writer states that the needy need to get out and get a job. There are many out there who have already put in their time, living on a meager income that Social Security provides. There are also some that would love to work, but cannot, due to injury or illness.

Sometimes these animals are the only family or loved one they have left. These animals do provide love and comfort and companionship, and who are you to judge who should and should not own a pet?

Why should anyone pay for you to have services for four animals when you feel that others shouldn't even be allowed to have one pet?

The service being offered is not to help the needy per se, it is to control the animal population that is currently out of hand. Life is not fair, so get over it. This program wasn't designed to exclude you. It was designed to allow people who otherwise couldn't afford to be responsible pet owners, get the shots and procedures necessary to ensure their pet's health and safety. Thousands of cats and dogs are put to sleep every day because they are reproducing at an alarming rate. Would you prefer that the money should be spent on euthanasia of unwanted pets?

If this is the biggest injustice you can find in life, consider yourself lucky. I am sure you face each day with a roof over your head and food in your stomach, the basic things that feral animals are often denied. Be thankful for what you have, and find solutions for what you do not and you will be a happier person.

-- Mitzie Simmons, St. Petersburg

Never move an injured person

Recently, I was driving home along 62nd Avenue N. As I approached 34th Street, I saw a man lying in the road a few feet from a motorcycle. Another man was rolling him over. I thought to tell him to not move the injured man, but it was too late - he was already rolled over.

I opened my window and asked had anyone called 911. He said no, please call. As I was calling, the injured man began convulsing.

I just want to spread the word to people who apparently do not realize the extent of injury they can cause by rolling an injured person around. An accident victim should never be moved by people who are not trained to recognize and treat injuries.

-- Wanda Daniels, St. Petersburg [Last modified February 29, 2004, 01:15:11]

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