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Playoffs 2004

Lecavalier has a style all his own

Published April 8, 2004

His game has come on strong, and he's headed to the playoffs for the second time. Vinny Lecavalier shares with us his thoughts on attire, French Canadians, modeling and more.

RM: Tell me about your sense of style.

VL: Style is important, at least I think so. It depends on the occasion. A lot of times I'm laid back, T-shirt and jeans. But I do like Italian suits and fine things like that. It's not that I'm conservative. I'm somewhere in the middle. I've always liked nice clothes. I love to buy clothes.

RM: Were you always that way?

VL: In hockey (in Canada), when you're 10 years old you go to games in suits. So, from young I had a thing for suits. I remember I had the leather zip ups and I thought I was cool.

RM: Pink shirts?

VL: What's wrong with pink shirts? I like pink shirts.

RM: There aren't a lot of guys who will comfortably wear pink.

VL: True, I get some grief from the boys for wearing pink, but that's cool. I like pink.

RM: Do chicks like guys in pink?

VL: Let me put it to you this way, some people either love it or they hate it. There isn't any in between.

RM: Word on the street is that your outfits are outrageous. Care to comment?

VL: I have a leather jacket with fur around the collar. I get some heat for that one. I'm not sure what kind of fur.

RM: You haven't mentioned the pants cut off at the knees.

VL: What pants? Who told you about that?

RM: Don't worry about who. I've got my sources.

VL: Well, your sources are wrong.

RM: So, you're saying you don't wear pants cut off at the knees?

VL: Okay, but they are not cut off at the knees. It's more like mid-shin. Kind of like a Huckleberry Finn look. I buy jeans and then cut them off. It's a Montreal thing.

RM: Teammates say you spend a lot of time on your cell phone. How bad are you?

VL: I've got mine right here (in my pocket). You know, I started out with 1,000 minutes, then I had to go to 2,000 minutes and now I'm up to 3,000 minutes.

RM: Vinny, 3,000 minutes?

VL: I have family in Montreal and that uses up the minutes. I go in spurts. When people see me on the cell phone, I'm on the bus coming from practice or from a road trip, so it looks like that to them. I might go for about hour (talking to different people). The bill is pretty crazy.

RM: Hear you're selling your Ferrari?

VL: I am. I want to get another one, next couple of years or next year. So I have to get rid of this one. It's better to buy them and sell them like that, so you don't have to wait on a list for three years.

RM: You have to wait on a list for three years to buy a car?

VL: At least three years. So you get them used.

RM: How do you sell a Ferrari? Put a For Sale sign up against the rear glass?

VL: No. It doesn't work that way. I put an ad on the Dupont Registry (catalog for upscale products). They told me it could be a few months depending on the market.

RM: Tell you what, I've got a Toyota Corolla (nicknamed Betsy). She's got 217,000 miles on it with no hubcaps. How about I trade you Betsy and a car to be named later for the Ferrari?

VL: We can probably work something out.

RM: How concerned were you about your pecks in the SI swimsuit photo?

VL: Who told you about that? That is not true, at all. I want to know who your source is?

RM: I can't tell you.

VL: Look, that's not accurate. It was a cool picture.

RM: You look like you could do some modeling.

VL: It's not my thing to be posing for eight hours, doing the same thing over and over. That's what that was like. That was a one-time thing. You have to respect the models because those days are long. We got there around 10 a.m. and left around 6 p.m.

RM: What's harder, modeling or playing hockey?

VL: Now, in hockey, you get hit and there's the physical aspect of the game. On the other hand, that shoot was hard. (You could play hockey every day) but you couldn't model every day. I was losing my mind after one day.

RM: Japanese symbols tattooed on your lower back?

VL: One means success and the other happiness. I've got three, and they are in places you can't see. For those two, I chose success and happiness because they are the two things that I want to accomplish right now in my life and my career.

RM: Finish this: The biggest misconception about French Canadians is . . .

VL: We're rude. I think people are mistaking French Canadians with people from France. I'm not saying people in Paris are rude, but that's what people think, so they think we're the same. Most people who feel that way have never been to Montreal. It's like sushi, you hate it, but you've never tried it. Once you try it, you like it.

RM: Biggest misconception about you . . .

VL: I'm willing to mix it up. I box in summer, twice a week. I don't want to fight because you can get injured and break a hand, but yes, that's probably something people don't know. I will defend myself, and I will defend someone else. But I won't fight for the sake of fighting.

RM: Should fighting be allowed?

VL: Yes. It's part of the game. I'm not in the shoes of guys who fight every night. When I get in a fight, I don't feel like fighting for a month. You get punched in the face. But it should be a part of the game.

RM: You've seen the Nike commercial with Lance Armstrong boxing and Serena Williams playing volleyball? Well, I'm going to name an athlete and you're going to pick the sport for the next commercial.

VL: Let's go.

RM: Warren Sapp?

VL: I've got the perfect one, synchronized swimming.

RM: Martin St. Louis?

VL: Sumo wrestling.

RM: But he's kind of small.

VL: He can handle himself.

RM: Dave Andreychuk?

VL: Speed skating because he's slow on the ice.

RM: What's wrong with showboating after a score?

VL: Absolutely nothing. I'm a little jealous. Hockey is so conservative on the ice. When you score you're happy, but you can't do like Terrell Owens and sign the ball. I think it's funny. It makes it interesting. It makes people talk. It makes people watch.

RM: Come up with the perfect hockey celebration after a goal.

VL: Wow. If you go to the other bench and do the old pump fake, you're going to get beat up on the next shift. You're not supposed to do anything to offend the other team.

RM: How about skating to a woman in the stands and kissing her?

VL: That would be awesome. I would like that.

RM: Tell me about someone you secretly find attractive.

VL: Oh man! I have one, but I can't say anything, everyone's going to know who she is.

RM: So, she works for the Lightning?

VL: Ahh . . . ahhh. Hmm.

RM: You're hesitating, so the answer is yes?

VL: Probably.

RM: Your teammates know who this person is, so you don't want to give me a name?

VL: No, I can't do that.

RM: Last question, listen carefully. What body part would you bronze and then send to your ex-girlfriend?

VL: That's crazy. You can't be serious!

RM: Dead serious. Come on with it.

VL: I would send her my . . . Wait, am I supposed to brag here?

RM: I didn't say anything about bragging.

VL: I would send her my feet. She did not like my feet.

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