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Sound bites

Published May 23, 2004

BEST SHOW OF EMOTION: Television provided a touching scene that fans couldn't see from the seats. Seconds after the game, viewers got closeups of the Flyers faces as they gazed ahead or stared at their skates. ESPN announcers Gary Thorne and Bill Clement smartly cut out the chatter during this moment and let the mood linger.

WORST SHOW OF EMOTION: No one expects Lightning owner Bill Davidson to be dancing in the stands and pounding ThunderStix, but would it kill him to crack a few more smiles? Seconds after Ruslan Fedotenko's power-play goal, which gave Tampa Bay a 1-0 lead, ESPN2 flashed a shot of Davidson in the stands. Maybe he was doing backflips on the inside, but his sleepy expression seemed out of place with the roar of the crowd surrounding him. However, he seemed a bit more alert when shown again at game's end.

GOOD CALL: It was almost lost in the action, but Thorne was right on when he pointed out a lucky break for the Lightning. Midway through the second, Lightning wing Dmitry Afanasenkov jammed Flyers center Keith Primeau in the mouth with his stick, and Thorne said: "Tampa Bay may have gotten away with one right there."

ZEN BY BILL: Clement sounded like he has been taking yoga classes. During a second-period break, he said, "If you know how to meditate to lower your heart rate, a Game 7 is the right time to use it. Anything you can do to sloooow your heart rate down. Make sure your heart does not overrule your head in any of the situations you end up in on the ice and you can be successful in Game 7."

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