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Champions should be admirable, not abhorrent

Published June 6, 2004

Considering that the Calgary Flames and Tampa Bay Lightning appear evenly matched in skills and talent, it's becoming apparent that the growing number of injured Lightning players looks intentional. Win at any cost - even causing serious injury, possible career-ending injury - seems to be the way the Flames want to win the title. This is not a good example of a team playing honorably. Lord Stanley would be turning over in his grave. There is more to being champions than holding the Cup.

>-- Timothy White, St. Petersburg

The Lightning now has a new fan. During the third period of Game 4, I stopped rooting for the Calgary Flames and started cheering for Tampa Bay. I was disgusted to see the cheap shot taken by Calgary's Ville Nieminen on Vinny Lecavalier. The taunting by Calgary's leader, Jarome Iginla, was classless. The reaction by the home crowd upset me as well. I was disgusted by Calgary's lack of class, both on the ice and in the stands. I stopped cheering for the Canadian team. I got off the bandwagon. Now I am cheering for the better team. The team with more control. The team playing the sport of hockey.

-- Paul Grigaitis, Winnipeg

Flames must be cheating

I am a Calgarian, and I am ashamed. Our slow-footed team is beating your fleet-footed team to the puck. We must be cheating. Our weaker players are outmuscling your stronger players. We must be cheating. Our poorly skilled players are outpassing and outshooting your highly skilled team. The only answer is that we are cheating. You should complain to the league (complain more, that is). And why should you not be upset. Calgary has only one "star," and he is vastly overrated in comparison to Vinny, Brad, Martin, and Fedotenko. No matter what you see on the ice, your team is far superior, and I am willing to admit it.

I am only grateful that fine men like Kerry Fraser and Brad Watson are doing what they can to rectify the problem. It would only be fair to have more five-on-threes, because those vicious Flames score too often on your five-on-fours. And more Flames ought to be suspended, because there are far too many of them when the play is at even strength.

-- Wayne Valleau, Calgary

Bedeviled about Rays TV

Why don't the Devil Rays use a more powerful station than Pax to televise their games. I live in Crystal River and can't get the games on TV even with my 50-foot tower. I don't have cable but I do subscribe to DIRECTV's Extra Innings and most of the Rays games are blacked out. I also get the local channels from DIRECTV, but Pax is not one of them.

-- Walter Oberti, Crystal River


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