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Casting a line
Learning how to cast is key for beginners. At first, the novice fisherman might want inexpensive equipment and work toward higher-end products after improving his cast.

The correct grip provides anglers with the best control. A thumb and forefinger balances the rod if either an upward or downward force pushes on the rod.

1 The fisherman starts his cast by removing all slack, assuring that the tip of the line is moving.

Extra line gives the fisherman greater length when casting a line. After winding up, the lure is shot foward and extra line propels the fly farther.

2 Fisherman raises elbow and pushes rod forward with an accelerating stroke.

Elbow remains tight to the body while the wrist stays on a level plane.

3 After an abrupt stop, the line is propelled forward. The fly will travel in the direction that the rod tip is moving when it’s stopped. The longer the rod is moved, the more energy is stored.

Hat and sunglasses are important to help keep cool for a sport that demands patience. Polarized sunglasses help reduce glare off the water and give the fisherman a better view of fish beneath the surface.

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