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Knights QB man of many talents

Published October 8, 2004

TAMPA - Marcello Trigg's hair is up there.

Way up there.

No one has hair like that anymore. Then again, did anyone ever wear their hair like that?

Jimi Hendrix?

"I think he looks more like Jimi Hendrix with his finger stuck in an electrical outlet," Robinson coach Mike DePue said. "You have to say Marcello is an individual."

And proud of it.

"My mom always made me cut my hair real short," Trigg said. "But now that I'm older I want to have it longer like I always wanted. It's kind of my thing."

His hair and laid-back demeanor fit well together, but then there's all these other things that make people say, "What?"

Beneath the hair he wears science professor glasses, which fit well with the fact he's a junior taking calculus, English 3 honors, advanced-placement chemistry and law studies, has "played" on the school's math-bowl team and has a 4.1 GPA.

Oh, yeah, he also bench presses 250 pounds, can hit a target with a football from 50 yards and just might be the best quarterback in Hillsborough County.

Last week Trigg lit up Tampa Bay Tech for four touchdowns in the first half and finished with 216 yards, completing 12-of-20 with two interceptions. For the season he pushed his stats to 55 completions on 94 attempts for 704 yards and six touchdowns against four interceptions.

Did Trigg know this?

"No, I don't pay attention to all that," he said. "I do pay attention to my interceptions, though. I hate those."

Offensive coordinator Rob Burns said Trigg doesn't pay attention to statistics because "all he really cares about is trying to win. Wins and losses, those are the statistics he wants to improve on."

Since last year, his first full season as Knights quarterback, Trigg is 12-4, including a 3-1 mark this season.

Through that time, DePue said Trigg and Burns have developed, "a Vulcan mind-meld thing where they both know what the other is thinking without having to say anything."

Burns added: "Marcello is ridiculously intelligent. He may not strike you that way with his hair or the way he acts, but there is no doubt, this guy is really, really smart.

"We talk about plays and how to handle it and we listen to each other and consider each other's ideas. I'd be dumb not to do it that way. He offers a lot."

Trigg grins at the compliments. Quietly, which is the way he generally acts.

"I like to lead by example," Trigg said. "And I think my teammates respond to that."

Confident? You bet.

But never cocky.

"With his combination of smarts and attitude and ability, I can see him being a great Ivy League quarterback and then from there, setting himself up for a great life," DePue said.

"The young man has great potential in a lot of different ways."

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