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Got a minute? Cory Bailey, DB UF

Published October 15, 2004

You get to be Donald Trump and have your own reality show. What teammates are on it and who gets fired?

I want Reynaldo Hill to keep the whole show loose. Channing Crowder, I want him because when he and Reynaldo get together, they are like oil and water and they can make some things happen. And Jarvis Herring because he's serious. I think Jarvis would win because he's so serious. Channing and Reynaldo would end up getting cut right off the top because they wouldn't take it seriously. But one of those two would be the fan favorite.

What would be your fantasy job?

Getting paid a lot of money to just sit and play video games all day. How long have you been growing your hair?

They cut it off my freshman year, and I've been growing it ever since, so that's five years. I learned from a real rastafarian that if you show your hair, you show your strength. But I don't think I believe that. I actually started growing it because it costs too much to get haircuts.

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