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Registration party switch mystery needs to be solved

Published October 22, 2004

Re: College freshman part of 2 parties, Oct. 20

Editor: As a student at the University of South Florida, I have faced the exact same issue. I signed a petition sent out by members of the Republican organization on campus in September.

My name and address were written down, but I was never told anything about voter registration. It wasn't long before a voter registration card arrived in the mail to my permanent home in New Port Richey. I had been worried that I wouldn't get my voter registration in on time to vote. The card's arrival alone was a shock but even more shocking was what my information read. I am now a registered Republican, with an undecided sex and unreported race.

Friends of mine have received replacement cards in the mail that read they have registered Republican when they were formerly Democrat or independent. This is one mystery I know many would like to have solved.

-- Brianna Dougherty, New Port Richey

Nation's reliance on foreign flu vaccines put into question

Editor: Why? Why do we rely on foreign countries for our flu vaccine supply?

Why can't we produce our own?

-- Margaret Holway, Port Richey

Traveling to Iraq not necessary to witness a terrorist in action

Editor: You don't need to go to Iraq for a terrorist. We have one every Friday, Saturday and Sunday who comes to our woods on South Osteen Road. He huffs and puffs his engine for hours, trespassing on private land. His hours are 9:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. sometimes.

Calls to Sheriff Bob White haven't had any effect. Why should we be woken up over the weekends when he roars up and down the roads. He has a gun that was shot off six times last week.

-- Josephine Hasenmeyer, New Port Richey

Harassment a sign of sheriff's inability to protect our citizens

Editor: The Sheriff's Office has not shown in any way, its commitment to help the disabled or senior citizens. We have called the authorities on many occasions. They have said to my wife and I, that they would have moved a long time ago.

I have spent eight years in the military and brought up three boys and three girls and I refuse to let a few jerks drive us out of our house.

My wife and myself have lived in the community since 1984 and during that time we've been harassed for more than a year. It started when I told the kids and grown-ups that they cannot ride their all-terrain vehicles on our roads in the Highlands of Unit 10. They use these roads for the link between Shady Hills and Leisure Hills.

The harassment began in January 2003. It has been happening every month and includes throwing eggs at the house, which cost $3,500 to repaint; putting 165 roofing nails in our driveway, so we had to replace two tires; twice throwing bombs at the house; shooting paintballs at the house; driving four-wheel vehicles, right in front of us, into our driveway and onto our lawn and tearing it up; throwing fireworks at the house; stealing our mailbox; throwing grapefruit at our screen room that tore holes in the screen and put a large dent in the large down spout which will cost at least $150; and throwing trash out in front of the house.

All during this time, my wife was being treated for cancer and she was very scared and aggravated. Every time I see the face of Sheriff Bob White on TV saying that he can keep the citizens of Pasco County safe from harm and to vote for him in the Nov. 2 election, he had better convince my wife, myself and our neighbors that he can do it. So far he has not been able to.

-- John Sherwin Sr., Spring Hill

Dealership's pushy, unethical tactics deserve public's notice

Editor: There is a very high-priced car dealership here in west Pasco that is, to me, totally unethical.

They have a salesman who used to work for another dealership and sold me my car. When he left that place he called me to let me know where he was and that "he could help me."

I told him that I was pleased with my dealer and would not change so, do not call me.

Later he sent me a card telling me that my van was almost a year old and he could help me. Then, a birthday card, a flyer, another card, etc.

I then called the general manager and told him to stop this and take me off their mailing list. He said he would when I mentioned the Better Business Bureau.

Then, more flyers, a letter from their public relations person whom I called to get me off their mailing list. She promised. Then a survey and more flyers. I figured that since phone calls had no effect, I would let the public know about this unethical, pushy and greedy outfit.

Since discretion is the better part of valor, I will not mention their name; however, if anyone would like to know which auto dealership to avoid, get a hold of me and I will be happy to share the name.

-- Kathryn L. Robinson, Holiday


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