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Bucs quotebook

Times Staff
Published October 25, 2004

Cornerback Ronde Barber, on the win's importance: "I was starting to think that if we didn't win this one, people might start rebelling and giving their season tickets back. We needed to put our best effort forward in this stadium, and we did that."

Receiver Joe Jurevicius, on his first game since Nov.30: "It was nice to drive into the stadium parking lot, park my car, walk through the fans, put my uniform on again and get out there and hit somebody or be hit. I missed that. I know I'm not going to play this game forever, but I still feel that I have a little left in the tank to give. And I'm going to savor it."

Kenyatta Walker, on making his second straight start at right tackle: "Things happen for a reason. You learn from your mistakes. It was an honor and a great opportunity for me to come out on this field and start. I respect that and know that now."

Receiver Michael Clayton on being a high-profile rookie: "It's something I have fun with now. I'm able to say I'm a big part of this offense. The taunting has slowly decreased. It's a lot of pats on the back now, guys encouraging me. I guess it's something special in the NFL to see a young guy do well. I hear it every once in a while, but it's trash talking with a smile."

Running back Michael Pittman on Mike Alstott's knee injury: "It's just sad to see. Last year, he got hurt, too, and Mike is a big part of this offense. His presence is a big part of this team. I just hope that it's not serious, but I will just be praying for Mike."


Coach Lovie Smith on the loss:

"I thought the guys played hard. I think we made critical mistakes. It was a tough time starting off the game with a big play called back on a penalty. There are some good things that we did. I think the turnovers kind of kept us in the game a little bit. We still let them stay in on a couple of long drives, which really hurt us. Right now, we need to get a win in the worst way."

Quarterback Jonathan Quinn on being pulled:

"I knew it was coming. Coach Smith said that if we stalled out that there was a good chance they would start Craig (Krenzel) in the second half. You have to admire the man for being a man of his word. He said if you are going to do something, you do it, and he did. I'm all for the Bears winning. However that is and whichever way I fit into that, then I'm all for it."

Krenzel on the second half:

"We came out early and did some good things. We got in the end zone, but I think the turning point of the game was the interception. I tried to get it to Bryan Johnson and threw it a little high. You can't turn the ball over against a good football team. They came out and capitalized. From there, we played catch-up."

Linebacker Brian Urlacher on the loss:

"We have to go back to work like we do every week. We played well in the second half, but you have to play for 60 minutes."

Tailback Thomas Jones, on if he talked much with Derrick Brooks:

"Not really. I was real good friends with him when I was on the team last year. We just played football. It was good to see all those guys. I wish we could've won, but I'll talk to him after the game. It was good to see him."

Defensive end Alex Brown on the team's struggling offense:

"I think we're the ones struggling (on defense). We had a series there where there were 10, 12, 14 plays on the field. We need to get off the field. That's not their job. They can't help us get off the field. We have to keep getting the ball so they can score."

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