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The word they don't want to say

Published October 28, 2004

Re: Pro-voucher group showers cash on campaigns, Oct. 26.

Has polling, talking points and political punditry taken over on every level of government? In this article, we are treated to the excellent quote, "Just because we don't use the word people who are opposed to school choice use, that shouldn't be held against us."

What? Oh, I get it. School choice means vouchers, and vouchers are not uniformly liked. And in defending his use of not using the word voucher, this person cannot even bring himself to use that awful word.

In the same article, Rep. Frank Farkas says he's not for vouchers. Of course, the article is about a pro-voucher group supporting him, and cites two bills he sponsored that are for vouchers.

So we get a voucher group that refuses to say the word voucher, and a representative who passes voucher legislation, but says he is not for vouchers.

I don't know about you, but I've had it.

-- Donna Whitts, St. Petersburg

Publicity helps the terrorist cause

Re: Oct. 23 front page photo of Margaret Hassan.

Why do you give such prominence and publicity to terrorists by having a large picture of kidnapped British aid worker Margaret Hassan in her dismay on the front page - and in color, no less? The terrorists must be reacting with glee over the fact that you have given them the very publicity that encourages even more such activity.

-- Malcolm H. Meyer, Tarpon Springs

The president's winning vision

President Bush's vision for the future is clear and consistent, and his vision will lead us to continued success in the war on terror. Sen. John Kerry, on the other hand, proposes a "plan" that consists mostly of actions already undertaken by the brave men and women of our armed forces, and partly of impossible, implausible notions. All nations willing to join with us in this struggle to secure a peaceful future have done so (see "the oil-for-food" scandal), and we should be grateful to our true friends for their commitment and their sacrifice.

The spread of freedom and liberty in Iraq and Afghanistan will send shock waves throughout that region of the world - shock waves that are the only real way to destroy the terrorist regimes and terrorist organizations that have declared war on the free world. Where people have freedom, opportunity, and the ability to hold themselves accountable for their stake in life, terror will not be tolerated. The re-election of President Bush would result in continued security and a safer future for all Americans.

-- Steven Papera, Tampa


Beacuse of a typographical error, the Oct. 23 letter to the editor, Homeowners shouldn't have to pay, gave an incorrect figure for the cost of transporting schoolchildren in Pinellas County. The correct figure is $40-million.

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