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Pasco should be lauded for deciding to recycle

Published October 29, 2004

Editor: Kudos to Pasco for finally going for recycling. Big thanks to Monica Dear, founder and president of RESORCE, local recycling club, for her diligent behavior concerning this subject. Monica and her club members can often be seen in Pasco conducting recycling duties for the county's events. This is all done on a volunteer basis; including placement of recycling containers and monitoring of the containers for the times when unwanted garbage finds its way into the recycle bins.

Without citizens like Monica, the subject of recycling may have been left on the back burner for another 10 years, costing the residents of Pasco another outlandish invoice of $300-million!

-- Jackie Hartley, Holiday

It's time to say enough to development

Re: Cypress Creek Town Center

Editor: When does it stop? Tell me when do we all say enough? How much more can this delicate balance between nature and man take before it begins to crumble?

Over the years man has destroyed forest after forest, farm after farm, meadow after meadow, river after river. Our clean air and clean water has been permanently compromised and yet we don't stop. Our greed pushes us ever forward.

Soon we will not see the wild deer at the side of the road. We will wonder where all the turtles went or we will sit in our overstuffed sofas and try to describe to our grandchildren what it was like to run with the grass against our bare feet chasing fireflies or catching toads.

We already have enough malls and yet not enough schools. Our environment is already stressed by the strip malls that sit empty!

I say it is now time to say enough. Stop! Leave this land in its beauty. Leave this land to be home to the critters that will die without it. Leave this land to guarantee a future to our grandchildren to know nature as we did.

-- Deborah DiBona, Port Richey

County seems intent on lowering quality of life

Editor: I must say I was somewhat amused to see we have a proposed Super Target and a proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter sharing what many know as the apex in Land O'Lakes - U.S. 41 and N Dale Mabry Highway.

I was at a Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting in Tampa recently, and I saw the ratings predicted for the roads in Pasco for the year 2015. State Road 54 from the Suncoast Parkway to U.S. 41 will rate an E or F or worse. I spoke with an MPO traffic engineer to confirm this. He said "Pasco County is a little loose when it comes to proper planning."

At a recent meeting in Land O'Lakes, our Pasco County traffic engineer, James Widman, said the intersection at SR 54 and U.S. 41 will melt down and cease to function by the year 2010. Assistant County Administrator Bipin Parikh recently said if only 25 percent of the new homes already approved along SR 54 are built, the highway will become gridlocked and not function properly.

Pasco Commissioner Ted Schrader said last week commissioners should be flogged for allowing all the new developments in Land O'Lakes and Wesley Chapel. Several years back, when citizens were staging a huge battle against Oakstead, Pasco Commissioner Steve Simon wrote a memo saying the current comprehensive land use plan will allow 5-million new residents into Pasco County; I find even 3-million unacceptable.

For all of our new residents moving here for tranquility and improved quality of life, the sad truth is this: Pasco County is hell bent on destroying long established neighborhoods, taking property, homes, easement, viable wetlands and wildlife habit, to make way for the hundreds of thousands of new homes already approved in violation of the existing comp plan.

The two new superstores at our apex in Land O'Lakes will generate 40,000 to 60,0000 more car trips daily.

This is precisely where our county engineers have said the intersection will melt down and cease to function. This would happen even if the superstores are not approved. That's not likely folks.

-- Edward Moore, Land O'Lakes

Maybe residents should pick up storm waste

Editor: I recently had an experience in my neighborhood while contractors were picking up storm damage, etc.

Trucks partially blocked the streets and caused traffic to slow or stop. Some drivers were getting upset, even making obscene gestures. No one wants another storm, but if it happens, let residents pay for their own cleanup.

We've tried in this area for over 15 years, and for the first time traffic actually slowed down to/or below the posted speed limit.

-- C. Wayne Foshee, Holiday

Play's quality excellent, despite what review said

Editor: This was the first time my husband and I were at the Richey Suncoast Theatre in New Port Richey and we saw Wife begins at 40 .

We thought the production of this play was excellent. The play was done in good taste, was very entertaining and was funny.

All cast members did a great job in their performance in this play. We have very good local talent.

We definitely disagree with Barbara Fredricksen's cruel review.

-- Judy Lynn, Holiday [Last modified October 28, 2004, 23:49:27]

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