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Point/Counterpoint: The cut block

Published October 31, 2004


BUCS CENTER JOHN WADE: "It's a violent game and that's part of the game. We're not trying to hurt anybody, and I hope no one takes it that way. However, we're trying to get our head out front, that's the rule. But guys are moving full speed and in the tempo of the game, you might think that he's in front of you and he's not. There have been times with me, when I say, "No way that's a penalty. My head was in front.' Then I look at the tape and it was in the back. I didn't do it purposely, I was trying to get the guy on the ground. It's part of the backside part of the running game. I don't know what happened with the guy on Monday night, or any other time for that matter, but I do know that no one is trying to come down on the back of someone's knee or ankle. It's ludicrous to suggest it's intentional. Maybe the guy had a good jump or good move on you and you're late. It's not a perfect world. Maybe a guy is out there trying to hurt someone, but I don't think so. A guy is just doing what he is coached to do, what he is supposed to do."


BUCS DEFENSIVE END GREG SPIRES: "I think some of the same rules should apply to the offense as to the defense as far as cutting low. I don't think it's right. For instance, look at what happened on Monday night, that's legal, but if he can't defend himself, it should be illegal. Just like if an offensive player can't defend himself before he takes a hit, it's a fine. It should be the same thing. If they can protect the quarterback from the simplest things, that's the least you can do. Everyone is out there trying to earn a living. But if you can't see the guy that you're cutting, then it should be illegal, period. If I'm running away from the play and get hit (down below), it should be illegal. Players are going to do whatever they can get away with. If the coaches teach that, then that's what they are going to do, that's what they get paid to do. The league needs to come down and put pressure on the different teams running that scheme and cut it (out)."

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