A coach in reporter's clothing

USF's Jim Leavitt banters with a journalist offering a little helpful advice on defense.

Published November 28, 2004

TAMPA - One question about USF's inability to stop Memphis' DeAngelo Williams on inside runs sent Bulls coach Jim Leavitt on a particularly entertaining tirade. Here's a verbatim transcript of the postgame banter.

Reporter: They just kept running over left guard and right guard, don't you think you should have pinched down in the middle a little bit, made the adjustment? You were pretty much stopping the outside runs, except that one long touchdown run.

Leavitt: So we should have pinched inside more?

Reporter: No, I'm just asking because ...

Leavitt: No, I think you said we should pinch in more. That's what you said. You know what? What we did didn't work, so maybe you're right. Maybe we should pinch more. Honestly. I'll have to look at film. What we did was wrong, because they got a lot of yards. If pinching would have been better, we should have done that. Why are you telling me now? Why didn't you come down on the sidelines, tell me, "We should have pinched!"

Reporter: We're not allowed to do that.

Leavitt: Can't you get to the headphones up top? Because we didn't do very good. We could have used your help. You know? What we did wasn't very good. I agree. You'll have to communicate that earlier with Pitt and we'll do that. You're right.

Leavitt (later): We've got to do some things. The suggestion earlier, obviously we didn't do well. I'm being honest. You think I'm being sarcastic, but if we would have pinched all day, we might have stopped their damn running game. It might have. I'm not kidding. What we did was obviously not that good.