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Florida should show intelligence, rehire Zook

Published November 28, 2004

The Florida AD should take a look at the premature decision he made in firing Ron Zook and right a wrong. This is a good, young team with a coach for whom the Gators obviously love to play for. That means recruits will want to play for him, too. Except for a blown call in Tennessee, this team would have posted wins over Tennessee, Georgia and a small game at Tallahassee, where no UF coach had won since '86.

As an institution of higher learning, show some higher intelligence and have the guts to say you were wrong, apologize to Zook, his staff and their families. Start the healing with a bowl win and put your mistake behind you.

-- Jack Izor, Hoover, Ala.

Fights help fill void created by NHL lockout

I do not understand the big deal being made over the recent fisticuffs in the NBA and the Clemson-South Carolina college football game. I think it is great that the other major sports have come together to fill the void left by hockey.

-- Chris Slemkewicz, Tarpon Springs

Overweight fans to blame for violence

I think it is an interesting coincidence that fan violence increased at the same time that the physical fitness of Americans has gone down the tubes. Here in Tallahassee, we have only to look at the ample bellies being toted to football games as examples of this.

A similar thing happened in ancient Rome, when Romans increasingly refused to serve in their army while demanding more bloody combat by gladiators. Could it be that the cloddish fans are expressing their envy of people who are actually fit? Or showing a "toughness by proxy?" I've never see this kind of behavior at a 10K run or a 100-mile bicycle event.

In addition to John Romano's excellent suggestion about cutting off the beer supply, owners should make fans park farther away and climb steeper stairs. This will reduce their excess energy, and start getting the fans in shape.

-- Tom Butler, Tallahassee

Shoddy U.S. health care

There are many who would take issue with the statement that NHL players may not find quality health care in Europe.

The Times and its readers should be reminded that while there are certainly isolated areas in Europe where quality health care is lacking, the World Health Organization ranks the U.S. behind Japan, Canada, Australia and 12 European countries.

While it is true these rankings are based on more than simply the treatment of sports injuries, the U.S. health care system has room for improvement.

-- Herb Haigh, Tierra Verde


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