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Hillsborough County Sheriff
Name Votes PctWinner
David Gee R 361281 98%
Write-in 6148 2%

Hillsborough County Clerk
Name Votes PctWinner
Chris Hart R 204250 48%
Pat Frank D 223570 52%

Hillsborough County Commission District 2
Name Votes PctWinner
David Cutting D 47073 38%
Ken Hagan R 76476 62%

Hillsborough County Commission District 4
Name Votes PctWinner
Jean Batronie NP 29333 25%
Ronda Storms R 88515 75%

Hillsborough County Commission District 6
Name Votes PctWinner
Bob Buckhorn D 214062 50%
Brian Blair R 216430 50%

Hillsborough County Commission District 7
Name Votes PctWinner
Denise Layne D 175121 41%
Joe Redner NP 43286 10%
Mark Sharpe R 207948 49%

Hillsborough County Charter: appointment of county attorney
Name Votes PctWinner
No 166663 44%
Yes 214510 56%

Hillsborough County Elections Supervisor
Name Votes PctWinner
Buddy Johnson R 242566 56%
Rob McKenna D 189121 44%

Hillsborough County Judge Group 11
Name Votes PctWinner
Henry Gill 165047 46%
Liz Rice 192694 54%

Hillsborough County Public Defender
Name Votes PctWinner
Julianne Holt D 232472 55%
Will Knight R 191491 45%

Hillsborough County School Board District 1
Name Votes PctWinner
Janice J. Torgersen 31874 48%
Susan Valdes 33997 52%

U.S. House District 9
Name Votes PctWinner
Michael Bilirakis R 116394 100%

U.S. House District 11
Name Votes PctWinner
Jim Davis D 160195 85%
Robert Johnson L 28025 15%

U.S. House District 12
Name Votes PctWinner
Adam Putnam R 60629 63%
Bob Hagenmaier D 35729 37%

State House District 47
Name Votes PctWinner
Kevin Ambler R 41965 69%
Kim Snow L 18677 31%

State House District 56
Name Votes PctWinner
Trey Traviesa R 53491 98%
Write in 1127 2%

State House District 57
Name Votes PctWinner
Deborah Cope D 26163 41%
Fay Culp R 38235 59%

State House District 58
Name Votes PctWinner
Bob "Coach" Henriquez D 28890 70%
James R. Riis R 12359 30%

State House District 60
Name Votes PctWinner
Ed Homan R 34145 58%
Karen Perez D 24681 42%

State House District 62
Name Votes PctWinner
Ashley Smith D 19071 33%
James Clifford L 1509 3%
Rich Glorioso R 36861 64%

Temple Terrace
Temple Terrace mayor
Name Votes PctWinner
Joe Affronti, Sr. 6067 62%
Ken Tozier 3797 38%

Temple Terrace City Council
Name Votes PctWinner
Eddie Adams Jr. 2100 12%
Frank Chillura 5293 31%
Glenda Venable 3221 19%
Ken DeVane 2720 16%
Ronald Govin 3957 23%

Latest headlines
Did elections supervisor try to cut in line at poll?
By Shannon Colavecchio-van Sickler
TAMPA - A day after his aborted, last-minute attempt to vote early at the College Hill Library, where hundreds waited as long as six hours to cast early ballots, Hillsborough elections supervisor Buddy Johnson waited his turn in line at his home precinct in Plant City on Election Day.
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District 56: Traviesa with big lead over write-in rival
By Times Staff Writer
TAMPA - Political newcomer Anthony "Trey" Traviesa appeared headed for an easy victory over write-in candidate Cornelius "Neil" Cosentino for the State House District 56 seat.
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Friends of redevelopment project swept into office
By Babita Persaud and Josh Zimmer
The new mayor and three council members all support a $150-million project near the Hillsborough River.
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Gee close to being sheriff, officially
By Times Staff Writer
TAMPA - Supporters have been calling David Gee "sheriff" for weeks. Tuesday night he was well on his way to making it official as early tallies came in. Gee, a Hillsborough Sheriff's Office veteran who has been second in charge behind retiring Sheriff Cal Henderson, had 98 percent of the vote, with just 2 percent for write-in candidate William Godwin. The Republican also defeated retired FBI agent Lane Bonner in the Aug. 31 Republican primary. But Gee has been unable to officially declare victory until he beats Godwin, a 50-year-old tree surgeon from southern Hillsborough with a history of arrests going back nearly 30 years.
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Incumbent Holt holding steady lead in early tallies
By Christopher Goffard
TAMPA - Hillsborough Public Defender Julianne Holt appeared headed to a fourth term in office Tuesday, leading challenger William Knight with a slim but steady margin.
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Johnson keeps elections post
By Graham Brink
Despite problems with the August primary, he beats challenger Robert MacKenna.
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New boss for county's top lawyer
By Times Staff Writer
The county attorney now will report to the elected commissioners.
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Rice grabs lead against opponent Gill
By Graham Brink
TAMPA - With about a third of the precincts reporting, Liz Rice was leading in the race to become Hillsborough's newest county court judge.
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Voters see long lines, small bugs, no chaos
By Jeff Testerman and Brady Dennis
Expecting the worst, Hillsborough residents and officials encounter a mostly orderly process, devoid of 2000's issues.
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