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Pinellas-Pasco Judge Circuit 6 Group 22
Name Votes PctWinner
Cynthia Newton 282988 55%
Jack Day 232786 45%

Pinellas County Sheriff
Name Votes PctWinner
Bubba Clem D 117868 28%
Jim Coats R 307666 72%

Pinellas County Clerk of Court
Name Votes PctWinner
Carolyn Wadlinger D 179031 43%
Ken Burke R 238491 57%

Pinellas County Commission District 1
Name Votes PctWinner
Norm Roche D 180905 45%
Ronnie Duncan R 223236 55%

Pinellas County Commission District 3
Name Votes PctWinner
Bob Stewart R 222780 55%
Maria Scruggs Weston D 181785 45%

Pinellas County Commission District 5
Name Votes PctWinner
Karen Seel R 79488 98%
Write-in 1321 2%

Pinellas County Commission District 7
Name Votes PctWinner
Ken Welch D 61081 65%
Sharon Russ R 32370 35%

Pinellas County School tax increase
Name Votes PctWinner
No 151413 36%
Yes 264515 64%

Pinellas County Charter: Administrator is budget officer
Name Votes PctWinner
No 169985 46%
Yes 199904 54%

Pinellas County Charter: Administrator's right to hire and fire
Name Votes PctWinner
No 242824 66%
Yes 127796 34%

Pinellas County Charter: Extend work of Charter commission
Name Votes PctWinner
No 120825 34%
Yes 239295 66%

Pinellas County Charter: non interference clause
Name Votes PctWinner
No 142844 38%
Yes 228221 62%

Pinellas County Charter: Removal procedure for administrator
Name Votes PctWinner
No 110616 30%
Yes 262094 70%

St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg Lease of Bayfront Center to Dali
Name Votes PctWinner
No 27728 26%
Yes 77693 74%

St. Petersburg Transfer of Museum Land
Name Votes PctWinner
No 25941 25%
Yes 78693 75%

St. Petersburg Airport lease
Name Votes PctWinner
No 47715 46%
Yes 55851 54%

St. Petersburg Seaport leases
Name Votes PctWinner
No 53625 53%
Yes 47020 47%

St. Petersburg Marina
Name Votes PctWinner
No 41379 42%
Yes 57580 58%

South Pasadena
South Pasadena Comm
Name Votes PctWinner
Alex Haak 468 17%
Larry Crowley 1148 43%
Leon Montambault 1074 40%

Lealman Fire District
Lealman Comm 1
Name Votes PctWinner
Bob Shaffer 4007 35%
Linda Campbell 6046 53%
W. Kent Litton 1420 12%

Lealman Comm 3
Name Votes PctWinner
Julie Adams 7444 65%
Michael Brophy 3934 35%

Lealman Comm 5
Name Votes PctWinner
Marlon Boyle 2593 23%
Vivian Diane Campbell 4641 41%
W.A. Adams 4066 36%

East Lake-Tarpon Fire Control District
East Lake-Tarpon Comm 3
Name Votes PctWinner
Jim Nobles 8524 56%
Mark Weinkrantz 6694 44%

East Lake-Tarpon Comm 5
Name Votes PctWinner
Chuck Schult 4700 33%
Jim Galloway 9389 67%

Pinellas Suncoast Fire&Rescue District
Pinellas Sunc Comm 2
Name Votes PctWinner
Bill Ripley 522 29%
John Todia 717 39%
Patricia Anne Munelo 580 32%

State House District 45
Name Votes PctWinner
Kevin Jensen D 25211 38%
Tom Anderson R 40861 62%

State House District 51
Name Votes PctWinner
Leslie Waters R 38850 62%
Matt Sullivan NP 2164 3%
Mike Smith D 22034 35%

State House District 52
Name Votes PctWinner
Frank Farkas R 31593 53%
Liz McCallum D 28510 47%

State Senate District 11
Name Votes PctWinner
Mike Fasano R 61123 66%
Steve Mattingly D 31750 34%

U.S. House District 9
Name Votes PctWinner
Michael Bilirakis R 116394 100%

U.S. House District 10
Name Votes PctWinner
C.W. Bill Young R 204409 69%
Robert O. Bob Derry D 90194 31%

U.S. House District 11
Name Votes PctWinner
Jim Davis D 160195 85%
Robert Johnson L 28025 15%

Latest headlines
Charter review gets a 2-year extension
By Michael Sandler
LARGO - Pinellas voters agreed that a board of citizens and elected officials should have two more years to make changes to the county's charter.
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Coats easily beats former shock jock
By Michael Sandler
LARGO - Pinellas County elected a new sheriff Tuesday, choosing a veteran law enforcement deputy over an out-of-work shock jock.
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District 46: Legg captures coveted open seat for Republicans
By Times Staff Writer
John Legg, a 29-year-old Pasco schoolteacher, is headed to Tallahassee today after winning the District 46 state House seat on Tuesday.
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Lines pose biggest problem for voters
By David Karp
Lawyers and poll watchers find little to challenge as people wait to vote hours after polls close in some counties.
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Local roots, support boost Burke's victory
By Michael Sandler
LARGO - With a catchy slogan and a cadre of local supporters, Ken Burke became Pinellas County's first new clerk of the circuit court in nearly a quarter century.
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Pinellas Suncoast race close; fee hike fails
By Times Staff Writers
The race for Seat 2 on the Pinellas Suncoast Fire & Rescue District commission was too close to call late Tuesday.
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Voters approve higher tax to help teachers, schools
By Thomas C. Tobin
The property tax increase will generate $26-million annually, mostly to boost salaries.
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Biggest voting gripe: long lines
By David Karp, Tom Zucco, Stephen Nohlgren, Leonora Lapeter
Other than that, the election went fairly smoothly, officials say, with just a few glitches here and there.
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