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Taking action against the gap
Here is a sampling of programs under way in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties to try to close the achievement gap.
What it does
Classroom talk
Encourages less teacher lecturing, more collaboration with students.
Essential Learnings
Emphasizes teaching of FCAT material first.
Extended Day
Offers tutoring after school and on weekends.
New assessment system
Under development in both counties. Will allow better computer tracking of individual students.
Place more black students in advanced classes
Challenges black students to perform at in advanced classes higher levels.
Project Focus
Gives daily mini-lessons on a skill; frequent tests to ensure students get it.
Principal “walkthroughs”
Informal inspections to study teaching methods.
Professional learning communities
Promotes more teacher brainstorming.
Read 180
Connects with students in three ways; regular instruction, private reading, computer lessons. Offered 90 minutes daily.
Reading First
Gives targeted reading lessons in kindergarten through third grade; close monitoring of individual progress.
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