Here is one of our favorite letters from Ed to Judy. It is from 1996.

‘Faith and tender passion’

[Times photo: Cherie Diez]
Ed wears Judy’s wedding ring on his pinky, next to his wedding band. The inscription on the rings: “Always.”


How is it our love lives so? It is the fragile murmur of memories, the delicate whisper of just now. So to abbreviate our love to words of explanation, even most tender, would seemingly shred it by that fashion. If we split its nucleus, or magnified it through a lens, could it bring us closer to an answer? God forbid that it could.

Yes, it is true our love could stand the dissection. For the paradox is, that for all its sweet tenderness, our love has the strength of the winds of stars! But to reduce it to the symmetry of a mere explanation, to bring it down to the level of reason, would be a manner of its corrupting. Our love is far beyond explanation. It is not reasonable that you are the embodiment of all that is good and sweet and beautiful. Yet you are. It is not reasonable that you should love me. Yet you do. The human comedy is much better for the wise use of rationality. But our love? Although it encompasses reason, it has evolved to a much higher plane beyond logic, to that of faith and tender passion. Come closer, my darling, and let me explain in another way.