Schiavo case again in court

CLEARWATER -- Pinellas-Pasco Circuit George Greer on Wednesday rejected two motions seeking to extend Terri Schiavo's life and told lawyers abuse complaints received by state officials concerning Schiavo are nothing new.

By Times Staff
Published March 9, 2005

Greer heard testimony from a supervisor for the state Department of Children and Families detailing abuse complaints the agency has received about Schiavo. The supervisor testified about complaints ranging from improper dental care to the failure to treat infections.

After hearing the testimony, Greer said, "All of the things (the witness) ticked off ... were all issues that have been in open court in front of the media and in the court files which the media has access to."

Greer is expected to decide today whether to grant a motion by DCF to intervene in the case. The agency wants Greer to extend the March 18 date for pulling Schiavo's feeding tube to investigate the complaints.

DCF asked that the testimony be closed to the media. Greer ordered the courtroom cleared, then released the transcript because he said he heard nothing not already public.

Also Wednesday, Greer:

-- Rejected a motion by attorneys for Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, to allow new medical testing of Schiavo to determine whether she is in a vegetative state or is minimally conscious. Greer noted doctors and the court have already determined Schiavo's condition.

-- Rejected a motion by the Schindlers asking for a new trial because of an error Greer made about the Karen Ann Quinlan in his 2000 order that said Schiavo would not have wanted to live by artificial means.