Why is crowding acceptable only at certain schools?

Letters to the Editor
Published March 22, 2005

Re : Board changes stance on new students at elementary, March 13 Times.

By its actions, the message to Hernando County parents from the School Board is clear: Overcrowding is acceptable at J.D. FLoyd Elementary School, at Suncoast Elementary and virtually anywhere else in the county. But it cannot be tolerated at Chocachatti because it would require some people to work as hard as the folks at Floyd and Suncoast do to accommodate more students.

And the fact that the Hernando County school superintendent is married to the principal of Chocachatti and advises on issues directly affecting that school should not lead anyone to think there is a conflict of interest.

What's wrong with this picture?

-- Gregg Laskoski, Spring Hill

Keep everything equal for students

Re : Board changes stance on new students at elementary, Marc h 13 Times.

-- I am obligated to report that the growth of the student population is going to disrupt all the school programs in Hernando County. It is unfair and unjust that Chocachatti receive $1.2-million for a wing while other elementary schools are watching portables being dumped in the corners of the athletic fields.

I hope the public and the School Board take notice of the inequity of the system. I am afraid we are all too busy scrambling to get our children into the best school and no one is taking the time to say slow down.

Let's stop approving big-dollar items to schools like Chocachatti and Challenger. We need to take a more disciplined approach about how we are going to distribute the taxpayers' money more equally across all the schools.

The first step would be to look at each school and ensure there is equal space per student based on each school's enrollment. That is not happening and it is not okay. We need to make some changes in this county quickly.

-- Matthew Goldrick, Spring Hill

Younger workers imperiled

Re: Letters to the editor regarding proposals for Social Security

I understand if you are 55 or older there will be no changes in Social Security. But for the young, the president thinks it will be best if they invest in stocks. The younger generation should think very carefully about this.

What happens if the stocks bottom out? You lose your money. It has happened. Also, at their retirement, they do not get the full benefits.

Keep the jobs here in America so more people will work and more will pay into the Social Security fund.

The money that will be used to privatize Social Security should be used to help some of the proposed cuts such as medical care for the poor, education programs, veterans programs such as medical care and drugs. So much money is being spent in Iraq - how about our own? People are homeless, can't afford medicine or food, jobless, losing their homes. This should not be.

Also, we voted for the minimum wage to be raised, but people are trying to get it defeated. They should work for a minimum wage. How far would they get?

Keep our Social Security the way it is; bring back the jobs, implement programs that were or will be cut, and keep the minimum wage raise that we had the right to vote for.

Anyone making more than $90,000 should pay their fair share of Social Security taxes.

-- Rose Nardone, Spring Hill