A well-stocked kit

By Times Staff
Published April 17, 2005

Everybody thinks of water and batteries, but here are some things to add to your hurricane supplies that you might not think of.

-- Car charger for your cell phone. If power is out, this might be the only way to recharge it. Get a land line that plugs into a phone jack in your home; cordless phones won't work when electrical lines are down.

-- Extra eyeglasses.

-- Sunglasses.

-- Hearing-aid batteries.

-- Insect spray.

-- Sunscreen.

-- Hat or cap to wear in the sun.

-- Appropriate clothes for after the storm passes: closed-toe shoes, several changes of dry socks, rain gear. It may be sunny and hot; it may rain.

-- Spray paint for painting your insurance carrier's name on your house so roving adjusters know who you are; and for painting your address - street signs may be blown down.

-- Air horn or whistle (to call for help).

-- Vitamins.

-- Medications for routine illnesses such as colds (we all come down sick after great stress and exhaustion).

-- Flat fixer for tires (streets may be full of glass, sharp rubble).

-- Work gloves (to pick up broken glass).

-- Laundry detergent (you may be washing clothes in a bucket until the power is back on).

-- Bleach, for demolding.

-- Diapers and wipes for babies.

-- Manually operated can openers.

-- Pet food.

-- Powerful flashlight or a laser pointer so you can attract attention/get help in the dark.