Details revealed on park shooting

Suspicions of an affair led to one man's shooting in Dade City May 8 and another's arrest, court documents show.

Published May 28, 2005

DADE CITY - Longtime acquaintances Derrick Hansberry and Yolanda Webster started sharing the same suspicions:

Was Webster's husband, John, having an affair with Hansberry's wife, Angel?

Their spouses were sure of it.

Which is why Derrick Hansberry confronted John Webster at Pyracantha Park the night of May 8, wielding a 9mm semiautomatic pistol, police said.

Witnesses recounted what happened next:

Hansberry shot and pistol-whipped John Webster.

Yolanda Webster begged Hansberry to spare her husband's life.

Hansberry fled as John Webster lay on the ground, critically wounded by five gunshots.

"Derrick Hansberry shot me," he told a witness.

New details of the May 8 shooting were revealed Friday in court documents.

Authorities never found Hansberry until his lawyer arranged for the 24-year-old to turn himself into Dade City police Wednesday night.

Hansberry was charged with first-degree attempted murder, and bail was set at $100,000. Thursday morning a judge reduced it to $30,000, and Hansberry was freed that evening.

Webster has been in St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa since the shooting. He was in critical condition then, on a respirator after two surgeries, according to court documents dated three days after the attack.

The 30-year-old underwent more surgery Thursday morning and is recovering, police said, though the hospital said it was told not to release any information about his current condition.

Derrick Hansberry and Yolanda Webster have known each other for 15 years, court documents show, and had been talking on the phone about their suspicions.

Webster was playing basketball on a Sunday about 7:30 p.m., according to court documents. Witness Cedric Calhoun told police he saw a suspicious vehicle in his front yard about the same time. When he went outside to investigate, the car drove off.

Hansberry pulled up to Webster driving a blue 1994 Nissan Sentra. Police said the two argued, pushed and punched each other.

Yolanda Webster said she saw Hansberry push her husband backward, pull out a semiautomatic pistol and shoot at him.

John Webster was hit once, according to court records, and tried to run. Hansberry chased after him, records show, still firing shots.

Yolanda Webster said she chased after the two men.

Then her husband fell to the ground, she said, and Hansberry started striking him with the handgun.

She begged Hansberry to stop, she said.

Hansberry got back into his car and fled west toward U.S. 98, police said.

Calhoun, the witness who said he saw a suspicious car in his front yard, said a short time later he heard gunshots, saw a man fall to the ground and saw the same car drive off from the park.

When he went to the victim, John Webster told him his attacker was Derrick Hansberry.

Another witness, Russell Pye, who was sitting in his girlfriend's car at the park, told police he saw a man get out of the blue Sentra, shoot another man playing basketball, then shoot him again as he stood over the fallen victim.

Pye's girlfriend, Darlene Crawford, said the two then went to get help.

Yolanda Webster identified Hansberry as her husband's assailant, court records show.

Webster nearly died, police said, shot twice in the arm, twice in the leg and once in the upper chest.

Neither the Hansberrys nor the Websters could be reached for comment Friday.