Hernando County shelters and emergency information

By Times Staff Writer
Published May 29, 2005

Shelters are listed in order of opening. A minimum of two shelters will be open during emergencies. Pets, alcoholic beverages, and weapons will not be permitted inside public shelters.

1. * West Hernando Middle School, 14325 Ken Austin Parkway, Brooksville

2. Deltona Elementary School, 2055 Deltona Blvd., Spring Hill

3. Nature Coast Technical High School, 4057 California St., Brooksville

4. Fox Chapel Middle School, 9412 Fox Chapel Lane, Spring Hill

5. Moton Elementary School, 7175 Emerson Road, Brooksville

6. Chocachatti Elementary School, 4135 California St., Brooksville

7. Hernando High School, 700 Bell Ave., Brooksville

8. F.W. Springstead High School, 3300 Mariner Blvd., Spring Hill

9. Challenger K-8 School, 13400 Elgin Blvd. (CR 572), Spring Hill

* Special needs shelters

The numbers next to the shelter names listed above correspond to the numbers shown on the shelter location map. All public shelters in the county are equipped to accommodate handicapped evacuees.

For more information on shelters, evacuation routes, special needs registration and what to do with pets or livestock, see Hernando county's Web site at www.hernandocounty.us/em

Emergency phone numbers

Hernando County Emergency Management

Public Information Center (352) 754-4083, (352) 754-4111 recorded

Red Cross Hernando Chapter 799-3237

Sheriff's Office 754-6830

Fire Rescue Dispatch 688-5045

FEMA Disaster Assistance Teleregistration toll free 1-800-462-9029

Tune to cable Ch. 19 for live updates from the Emergency Operations Center and other useful information on evacuation and shelters.

Do not call 911 for hurricane information. The 911 line is reserved for life-threatening emergencies only.

Evacuation levels

Level A/B: Evacuate purple areas and all manufactured home residents

Level C: Evacuate purple and green areas and all manufactured home residents

Level D/E: Evacuate purple, green and yellow areas and all manufactured home residents

If you live in a mobile home, you MUST evacuate regardless of your location in Hernando County.