Hillsborough County shelters and emergency information

By Times Staff
Published May 29, 2005

Public shelters opening for lower intensity storms

The shelters listed with a * will open for storms at the lower end of the intensity scale.

5. * Middleton High School, 4801 N 22nd St., Tampa

6. * Simmons Center, 1202 Grant St., Plant City

8. * Sickles High School, 7950 Gunn Highway, Tampa

9. * Shields Middle School, 3908 19th Ave. NE, Ruskin

11. * Pizzo Elementary School, 11701 Bull Run Drive, Tampa

17. * Turkey Creek Middle School, 5005 S Turkey Creek Road, Plant City

24. * Sessums Elementary School, 11525 Ramble Creek Drive, Riverview

25. * Walker Middle School, 8282 N Mobley Road, Tampa

37. * Burnett Middle School, 1010 N Kingsway Road, Seffner

39. * Valrico Elementary School, 609 S Miller Road, Valrico

50. *# Bryant Elementary School, 13910 Nine Eagles Blvd., Tampa

# Not open for Category 4 or 5 hurricanes

Additional public shelters opening for higher intensity storms

The shelters listed below, in addition to those shelters above that are marked with a * symbol, will open for higher intensity storms.

2. Lockhart Elementary School, 3719 N 17th St., Tampa

3. McKitrick Elementary School, 5503 Lutz Lake Fern Road, Lutz

4. Chiles Elementary School, 16541 W Tampa Palms Blvd., Tampa

7. Cimino Elementary School, 4329 Culbreath Road, Valrico

10. Bloomingdale High School, 1700 E Bloomingdale Ave., Valrico

12. Marshall Middle School, 18 S Maryland Ave., Plant City

13. Heritage Elementary School, 18201 E Meadows Road, Tampa

14. Tomlin Middle School, 501 N Woodrow Wilson St., Plant City

15. Memorial Middle School, 4702 N Central Ave., Tampa

19. Wharton High School, 20150 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., Tampa

20. Nelson Elementary School, 5413 Durant Road, Valrico

21. Schmidt Elementary School, 1250 Williams Road, Brandon

22. Adams Middle School, 10201 N Boulevard, Tampa

23. Randall Middle School, 16510 Fish Hawk Blvd., Lithia

26. Jennings Middle School, 8799 Williams Road, Seffner

27. Benito Middle School, 10101 Cross Creek Blvd., Tampa

28. Mulrennan Middle School, 4215 Durant Road, Valrico

29. Newsome High School, 16550 Fish Hawk Blvd., Lithia

30. Sligh Middle School, 2011 E Sligh Ave., Tampa

31. Sulphur Springs Elementary School, 8412 N 13th St., Tampa

32. Sheehy Elementary School, 6402 N 40th St., Tampa

34. Williams Middle School, 5020 N 47th St., Tampa

35. Young Middle School, 1807 E Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Tampa

36. Limona Elementary School, 1115 E Telfair Road, Brandon

41. Robinson Elementary School, 4801 S Turkey Creek Road, Plant City

42. Lomax Elementary School, 4207 N 26th St., Tampa

43. Bevis Elementary School, 5720 Osprey Ridge Blvd., Lithia

44. Robles Elementary School, 4405 E Sligh Ave., Tampa

45. Pride Elementary School, 18271 Kinnan St., Tampa

46. Rodgers Middle School, 11910 Tucker Road, Riverview

47. Wilson Elementary School, 702 English St., Plant City

48. Greco Middle School, 6925 E Fowler Ave., Temple Terrace

49. # Ippolito Elementary School, 6874 S Falkenburg Road, Riverview

51. Muller Elementary School, 13615 N 22nd St., Tampa

52. Bowers Whitley Career Center, 13609 N 22nd St., Tampa

53. Fish Hawk Creek Elementary School, 16815 Dorman Road, Lithia

54. Corr Elementary School, 13020 Kings Lake Drive, Gibsonton

60. Durant High School, 4748 Cougar Path, Plant City

61. Plant City High School, 1 Raider Place, Plant City

# Not open for Category 4 or 5 hurricanes


Red Cross public shelters are indicated on the map and cross-referenced by number on this page. Public shelter spaces are limited, so shelters may fill up quickly during an evacuation. In addition, shelters provide an austere living environment. Those who need to evacuate should make every effort to find a protected location other than a public shelter. This may include homes of friends or relatives who do not have to be evacuated, hotels/motels in safe areas, or leaving the county for a safer location.

Under a major storm scenario, it may become necessary to open refuges to accommodate evacuees. These facilities have not been fully certified as Red Cross shelters and may not have the extent of services available at Red Cross shelters.

All residents looking for refuge from a storm should tune in to local television and radio stations for updated information. Announcements will be made confirming shelter openings and alternate refuges if necessary.

Special needs shelters

Hillsborough County provides a shelter program for those residents requiring special medically related care. Special needs shelters will be available for persons requiring more skilled medical care than available in a regular shelter but not requiring an acute care facility such as a hospital. If this type of extended care is needed, contact the Hillsborough InfoLine at (813) 272-5900 to be considered for registration.

The evacuation plan

The colored areas on this map are vulnerable to storm surge. Storm surge is saltwater flooding that rushes over coastal areas near where the eye of the hurricane strikes, destroying homes and businesses in its path. Drowning causes the majority of hurricane deaths.

Hurricanes are listed in categories on a scale of 1 to 5, depending on the strength of the winds. Storm surge can reach 7 feet above sea level in the Category 1 hurricane and as much as 28 feet above sea level in a Category 5 hurricane. Depending on the track and strength of a threatening hurricane, local officials may order one of five evacuation levels. These levels correspond to the storm surge flooding that is likely to occur from the five categories of hurricanes.

If you live in a mobile home, manufactured home or recreational vehicle, you must evacuate at all evacuation levels regardless of where you are located. Those structures are extremely vulnerable to hurricane force winds.

If you live in an area ordered to evacuate, or if you live in a mobile home, manufactured home or RV, gather your emergency supplies, secure your home and leave immediately. Failure to obey an evacuation order is a violation of Florida law.

Important phone numbers

American Red Cross 348-4820

Hillsborough InfoLine 272-5900

Hillsborough Emergency Management 272-6900

(TDD) 681-9927

Hillsborough County Building Department (building permits and inspections) 272-5600


How to use this map

1. Refer to the map to locate where you live and work.

2. Determine whether you are in an evacuation area and if so, what level (color).

3. If in an evacuation area (or mobile/manufactured home or RV), decide now where you will go if ordered to evacuate.

Your choices include:

The home of a friend or relative outside the evacuation zone.

A hotel or motel outside the evacuation zone (remember, you will have to leave early and call ahead).

Leave the area entirely.

As a last resort, go to a Red Cross shelter.

4. If you decide you will have to go to a Red Cross shelter, use the map to decide which one will be convenient.

Evacuation levels

Level A - Evacuate purple areas and all manufactured home residents.

Wind velocity: 74 to 95 mph

Storm surge expected: Up to 7 feet

Level B - Evacuate purple and blue areas and all manufactured home residents.

Wind velocity: 96 to 110 mph

Storm surge expected: Up to 13 feet

Level C - Evacuate purple, blue and green areas and all manufactured home residents.

Wind velocity: 111 to 130 mph

Storm surge expected: Up to 18 feet

Level D - Evacuate purple, blue, green and yellow areas and all manufactured home residents.

Wind velocity: 131 to 155 mph

Storm surge expected: Up to 22 feet

Level E - Evacuate purple, blue, green, yellow and orange areas and all manufactured home residents.

Wind velocity: 156 mph and over

Storm surge expected: Up to 28 feet