North Pinellas County shelters and emergency information

By Times Staff
Published May 29, 2005

Shelter openings will vary with each emergency - depending on the size, intensity and duration of the event. Stay tuned to local media for a listing of which shelters will be opened. Do NOT go to shelter until local officials announce that the shelter is open.

2. East Lake High School, 1300 Silver Eagle Drive, Tarpon Springs

3. Carwise Middle School, 3301 Bentley Drive, Palm Harbor

4. Palm Harbor University High School, 1900 Omaha St., Palm Harbor

5. Safety Harbor Middle School, 125 Seventh St. N, Safety Harbor

6. Tarpon Springs Middle School, 501 N Florida Ave., Tarpon Springs

7. Kennedy Middle School, 1660 Palmetto St., Clearwater

8. Palm Harbor Middle School, 1800 Tampa Road, Palm Harbor

9. McMullen-Booth Elementary School, 3025 Union St., Clearwater

10. Largo Middle School, 155 Eighth Ave. SE, Largo

11. Brooker Creek Elementary School, 3130 Forelock Road, Tarpon Springs

12. Countryside High School, 300 McMullen-Booth Road, Clearwater

14. Pinellas Park High School, 6305 118th Ave. N, Pinellas Park

15. Largo High School, 410 S Missouri Ave., Largo

Special needs unit only

13. Dunedin Highland Middle School, 70 Patricia Ave., Dunedin

The evacuation plan

The colored areas on this map are vulnerable to storm surge. Storm surge is saltwater flooding that rushes over coastal areas - near where the eye of the hurricane strikes - destroying homes and businesses in its path. Most hurricane-related deaths are caused by drowning.

Hurricanes are categorized on a scale of 1 to 5, depending on the strength of the winds. Storm surge can reach 5 or 6 feet above sea level in a Category 1 hurricane to more than 25 feet above sea level in a Category 5 hurricane. Depending on the track and strength of a threatening hurricane, local officials may order one of five evacuation levels. These levels correspond to the storm surge flooding that is likely to occur from the five categories of hurricanes.

If you live in an area ordered to evacuate, or if you live in a mobile home, manufactured home or RV, gather your emergency supplies, secure your home and leave immediately. Failure to obey an evacuation order is a violation of Florida law.

Emergency phone numbers

Pinellas County Emergency Management

Voice (727) 464-3800

Fax (727) 464-4024

TDD (727) 464-4431


St. Petersburg residents with questions should contact (727) 893-7683

Citizen Information Line (operational only during an actual disaster) (727) 464-4333

American Red Cross, Tampa Bay Chapter

North Pinellas (727) 446-2358

South Pinellas (727) 898-3111


For information before, during and after a storm: listen to Pinellas County AM Radio Station WEOC-940


Go online to www.pinellascounty.org/emergency/default.htm then click on Evacuation Level Lookup listed under Resources on the left. Fill in your address and your evacuation zone will come up. Or you can call Pinellas County Emergency Management at 727 464-3800 BEFORE A STORM THREATENS!

Evacuation levels

Level A - Evacuate purple areas and all manufactured home residents.

Level B - Evacuate purple and blue areas and all manufactured home residents.

Level C - Evacuate purple, blue and green areas and all manufactured home residents.

Level D - Evacuate purple, blue, green and yellow areas and all manufactured home residents.

Level E - Evacuate purple, blue, green, yellow and orange areas and all manufactured home residents.