Sarasota County shelters and emergency information

By Times Staff Writer
Published May 29, 2005

Sarasota County phases in shelter openings when an emergency threatens. It uses a geographically tiered approach in order to effectively and efficiently manage disaster resources and to keep pace with public safety demand. As Tier 1 opens, Tier 2 is placed on standby. The following tiers are opened as each tier begins to reach capacity. As shelters open or reach capacity, the most current information will be made available through the news media. Do not go to the shelter until local officials say it is open. Shelter openings will differ by size and intensity of a storm.

Tier 1

46. # Brookside Middle School, 3636 S Shade Ave., Sarasota.

40. Tuttle Elementary School, 925 N Brink Ave., Sarasota.

41. # Pineview School, 501 Old Venice Road, Osprey.

61. # North Port High School, 6400 W Price Blvd., North Port.

Tier 2

60. Gulf Gate Elementary School, 6500 Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota.

69. Garden Elementary School, 700 Center Road, Venice.

51. # Heron Creek Middle School, 6501 W Price Blvd., North Port.

Tier 3

43. Sarasota High School, 1000 S School Ave., Sarasota.

42. Taylor Ranch Elementary School, 2500 Taylor Ranch Trail, Sarasota.

53. Cranberry Elementary School, 2775 Shalimar Ter., North Port.

Tier 4

50. Lakeview Elementary School, 7299 Proctor Road, Sarasota.

49. # Sarasota Middle School, 4826 Ashton Road, Sarasota.

44. Ashton Elementary School, 5110 Ashton Road, Sarasota.

45. Glenallen Elementary School, 7050 Glenallen Blvd., North Port.

52. # Booker Middle School, 2250 Myrtle St., Sarasota.

47. # Venice Area Middle School, 1900 Center Road, Venice.

54. # Laurel Middle School, 1900 E Laurel Road, Nokomis.

55. The Tabernacle Christian School, 4141 DeSoto Road, Sarasota.

57. # Booker High School, 3201 N Orange Ave., Sarasota.

59. Emma Booker Elementary School, 2350 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Sarasota.

Pet friendly shelters

# Shelters with this designation will accept dogs and cats only. To shelter your pet, you must provide proof of updated license and vaccination and contain your pet in an "airline-approved" pet carrier. If you are unable to meet these requirements, you must make other arrangements for your pet.

The evacuation plan

The colored areas on this map are vulnerable to storm surge. Storm surge is saltwater flooding that rushes over coastal and river areas - near where the eye of the hurricane strikes - destroying homes and businesses in its path. Nine of 10 hurricane-related deaths are caused by storm surge, making it the most deadly of hurricane hazards.

Hurricanes are categorized on a scale of 1 to 5 depending on the strength of the winds. Storm surge can reach 7 feet above sea level in a Category 1 hurricane, and as much as 28 feet above sea level for a Category 5 storm. Depending on the track and strength of a threatening hurricane, local officials may order any one, or all, of five evacuation levels.

These are Evacuation levels A, B, C, D and E (see above). These levels correspond to the flooding that is likely to occur from the five categories of hurricanes.

If you live in a mobile home, manufactured home or a recreational vehicle, you must evacuate at all evacuation levels regardless of where you are located. These structures are extremely vulnerable to hurricane winds.

If you live in an area ordered to evacuate, or in a mobile home, manufactured home or RV, gather your emergency supplies, secure your home and leave immediately. Failure to obey an evacuation order is a violation of Florida law.

Web site


Help is here

Sarasota County Emergency Management is ready to help if you have questions about the information in this guide or when a hurricane affects the county. If you will need special assistance or transportation during an evacuation because of age, disability or other special needs, please register with us now at 861-5000. All information you five is confidential and protected under Florida law.

Important phone numbers

Sarasota County Department of Emergency Management 861-5000

Special needs registration 861-5000

Deaf communication center for TDD messages 861-1833

During actual hurricane operations, please restrict calls to your emergency management office to those that are absolutely necessary (for emergency assistance or information). Do not call 911 for hurricane information; 911 is for emergencies only.

Local TV (Access Sarasota channel 19) and radio stations (see list below) should be monitored to obtain current hurricane status and general evacuation information.

If you need any or all of this information on audiotape, contact the Emergency Management Citizen Help Lines listed above.

Sarasota AM radio

WAMR 1320

WENG 1530

Sarasota FM radio

WCTQ 106.5

WSRZ 107.9

WKZM 104.3

WHPT 102.5

WYNE 105.9

NOAA weather radio 162.4 American Red Cross

The American Red Cross can assist you before, during and after a disaster. They provide emergency education and training, evacuation shelters during a storm and assistance for emergency needs after a disaster. All Red Cross help is free - a gift from the American people. If you can volunteer, call your local chapter now to become part of the Disaster Response Team, North Sarasota County, Southwest Florida Chapter, 379-9300.