Praying that the Biltmore is spared

Letters to the Editor
Published June 8, 2005

Recalling Pinellas history takes me back in time: Aug. 7, 1942. I was 10 years old that month. My mother, Mabel Leichliter, had quit her commuting across Davis Causeway to her telephone switchboard job at the Exchange National Bank in Tampa. The Army needed switchboard operators at the Belleview Biltmore Army Air Force barracks in Clearwater, and she was hired. She also volunteered as an airplane spotter, watching out of a tower that was in the vicinity of St. Cecilia Church.

We saw the troops in training, marching down Druid Road and Orange Avenue where we lived. These were interesting times for a little girl - so much to remember!

Oh, yes, the causeway is renamed, the Exchange Bank is gone, and I pray the Belleview Biltmore is saved.

-- Gloria Leichliter Bruckart, Palm Harbor