Put down the spear

Letters to the Editor
Published June 26, 2005

Re: Great Catch, Wednesday

I hope that I am not alone in finding the photo of a dead 400-pound Warsaw grouper pathetic and sad. Here is an ancient denizen of the deep living in 425 feet of water off Naples and pounced upon by spearfishermen. I am a sports fisherman who finds spearfishing to be cowardly and unsportsmanlike. Dan MacMahon would be a better sportsman if he would trade in his spear gun for a rod and reel, or better yet, an underwater camera.

-- Douglas deWolfe, Odessa


Re: Just unspeakable, Wednesday

How can you take a pitcher like Chad Orvella out after pitching 21/3 good innings with a four-run lead just to bring in a closer or setup man? Piniella does this all the time. He has cost us a few wins with his foolish changes.

-- Gerald Guglicelli, Largo


Re: Worst franchise ever?, Tuesday

I'm starting to agree with Gary Shelton's claim that the Rays can become the worst team ever. I have been following the Rays since they drafted Tony Saunders way back when. After watching the Rays blow a 10-2 lead against the Yankees, I have one thing to say: I wish I moved to Arizona in 1995 and not the Tampa area. I'm really starting to lose interest in the Rays, and if Aubrey Huff gets traded, I will never go to a game again.

-- John Stoehrer, Port Richey