'Boston Legal' returns with extra episodes

Published July 27, 2005

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Fans of ABC's Boston Legal comedy/drama will finally see a new episode Sept. 27 when the show returns after being bumped aside last year to accommodate Grey's Anatomy in mid season.

Creator David E. Kelley told reporters Tuesday the show will pick up where it left off last season, with five shows remaining from the abbreviated run. Heather Locklear joins the cast for a two-parter to start the year. Also joining the law firm will be two young attorneys, played by Garrett Wells and Sara Holt, and a new senior attorney, played by Denise Bauer.

As a result of last year's early hiatus, Kelley said he'll have 27 new episodes to run, instead of the network season standard of 22.

Kelley said he was not happy to lose his spot this past spring to Grey's Anatomy, but he understood that ABC felt it was doing what was in its best business interest. The show moves from Sunday to Tuesday nights this season.